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SpongeBob Tute2 Line of Action

One of 12 tutorials made for the SpongeBob crew during the fourth season. LINE OF ACTION is one of the most important concepts in making your drawings come alive.

I first encountered the notion of the "line of action" in the classic animation book by Preston Blair. He was an animator for Disney and MGM, and he popularized the concepts that were developed and being used every day by the masters of Golden Age animation.

The good news is that this book is available for free online, and the specific page you'll want to look at is about a third of the way down on this page>>> <<< Check it out and let me know what you think!

More in this series:
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Check out lots of free video tutorials on my blog at >>… << See you there!
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thanks!!!It's helpful
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This is so helpful! Thanks for posting this! 
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I just discovered your awesome tutorial gallery. The link to the free online book is down. Is there an alternate link? Thanks in advance
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Hi Josh -- the new link is Thanks for letting me know!
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I love this one!

Squiddy looks so cute in these drawings!
hunlin's avatar…

I did a drawing of a different character, based on one of those drawings.
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That's helpful,thank you very much
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please email this to the makers of family guy.
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Line of action is hard to master, but this seems really helpful :)
Jester-of-the-Clown's avatar
Very practical stuff.

Seeing as I'm trying to get into this field (as a side job, if nothing else), this is very helpful to me. Thank you for providing it.
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This is really helpful; thanks! :D
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Amazing. Just amazing!
x-LcartoonOangelE-x's avatar
I love it!! youre tutorials are very helpful with drawing cartoons, I also didn't know that line of action was so important...
Spongebob is always one of my fav cartoons and I was 6 or something when it came to the Netherlands.. and I still love it!!!

youre great and love it!!
i love it, thank,s to share
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Really loving this!
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I appreciate hearing that!
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*love squidward*
hunlin's avatar
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lol i could just picture Squidward shouting at Spongebob.

"Ack- Spongebob! Patrick!--"

I need to use this for tips when i start to practic making comics. :)
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Glad you like it, Choas...stay tuned for more...
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I saw these on your blog a while back ago. These area really informative and makes Spongebob a great example of good animation form. I liked these drawings, thanks for showing.
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...and thank you for checking out my blog!
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I saw these awesome tutorials a few months ago on your website and just had to print them out, they're so useful. I didn't know you actually made them for the SpongeBob crew!
Thanks for sharing!
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