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SpongeBob SquareDoodles

I love to play around with the way I draw the Bikini Bottom gang...really helps me loosen up!
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squidward and sandy make a cute couple :heart: they are the only smart characters in bikiny bottom (plankton is too evil :P ) it would be amazing if they interact more. just a liiiiiiiiiiiiitle more :love:  
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So many sponges! So little time to witness all the doodles in many places! I just noticed that you made Patrick look a little bit like Bert in the lower left doodle there. 
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Love this sketches. :D
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Awesome work as always! I can really see some extra "something" in the way you drew Squidward here, as you mentioned in the description these sketches look so much looser and fun! Great expressions everywhere, which is why I (and many more I'm sure) absolutely love your stuff. Were these all drawn on different pages and placed together for this image, or do you actually draw everything one on top of the other like that? Just curious, haha.
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I love these so much!!! I hope to draw Spongebob as well as you and the others and some day soon work with you guys<3
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You should draw Sandy more times X3
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