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SpongeBob Movie storyboard: WEEEEE!!!

By shermcohen
WEEEEE!!! SpongeBob's dream...Deleted-scene storyboard panel from the SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004)
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I have a question: the animation style for this movie is very John K.-esque, less "on model" and more "in character." But the physical production was farmed out to Korea. How were you able to make it so fluid and zany with that degree of separation from the animation staff?
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Spongebob's face reminds me of "OVERTIME!!!!???!!!???"
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"Peanut Worm Productions" ey?
Is that by any possibility where Goofy Goober came from?
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It's a subsidiary of Viacom,check it…
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wow that was... legal
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Spongebob's face is priceless!
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Lol spongebobs face and I love Mr.Krabs emotion
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I love seeing deleted scenes of spongebob!
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Oh gosh SpongeBob's face makes me laugh VERY hard :'D
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really cool man.
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I love looking at sketches and deleted storyboards. You know ,there were moments when I actually wanted to try storyboarding again.
Here's my first and only sample of my Story-Boarding skills.

That is if you have time to look at it.

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Richard Simmons as a sponge.  Fun.  RICK
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Oh my gosh for a moment I thought this was gonna be for the upcoming movie and it being a sequel!

But wow this is really fascinating! An alternate opening for the movie? How did it go???
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Haha, spongebob's face...xD
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