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SpongeBob Movie Epic Rap Battle Storyboards

SpongeBob Movie -- Epic Rap Battle storyboard panels. This was the final sequence from the movie, and truly the most fun. This was probably the most open-ended assignment I ever got; It was like, "here's the audio track...go nuts!" I loved the way the animators brought this to life!
Theres some fun video here:

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hey patrick what the (dolphin noises)

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I can't believe they actually have a Rap Battle in a Spongebob movie. This is something i would expect The Simpsons or Family Guy do to but not Spongebob. It's just not right. :| (Blank Stare)   
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Bubbles is so inspiring.
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When l saw that the first thought l had was some epic rap battles I've seen with ponies a long time ago.
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Oh my gosh, that sounds like a great assignment! The whole sequence was so bizarre and fun to look at.
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I love the animation from this ending scene. I swear, if this was released earlier, I'd say that this would be what inspired me to animate!

Stylized end credits are always my favorite part of a movie!
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I'm certainly envious of any assignment were the art director says "go nuts!"
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I love how in this board the Fried seagull is the one rapping back!
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Craig Kellman did an awesome job designing that part! Now it's even better to me after learning that you helped board it!
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i loved the epic rap battle so much!
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