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SpongeBob Movie 2 Storyboard

Rough storyboard panel from the opening scenes of The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water. I worked on the movie from May 2013- August 2014 as Sequence Supervisor.
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Wow ;-; lucky you! I hope to see the movie soon
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Looking forward to seeing it.
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I worked on the film's T-Shirts from February 2014-March 2014. We all help in our own ways.

Saw this deviation just before seeing the movie and immediately recognized it in the film. 
NWolfman's avatar
Is that a Mr. Krabs doll? haha
4Anime's avatar
This makes me feel like seeing the film. I totally forgot it's air date! Animation is so fascinating to me, thanks for sharing!
bakertoons's avatar
Loved the film! Was a fun weekend for me.
maroonvelvetdaze's avatar
it's honestly so cool to see this
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Great job, my good sir! :iconyessssplz:

I am sensing a VERY bright future ahead for Spongebob, especially if it's true that the original writers (who were there from the pilot episode, "Help Wanted", to the 1st Spongebob Movie of 2004, and have returned to write this movie sequel 2015) are going to reclaim the show as theirs, in particularly Steven Hillenburg.

Spongebob (the REAL deal: 1999 - 2005) has resurrected! YAY!!!!!

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You've got so many details in this panel with so few lines. It's really cool!
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I love the level of detail you fit into these storyboards! Thanks so much for sharing this behind the scenes stuff with us!
JacobJayCraft's avatar
did you put all those little references from the first movie and first episode in the new movie? 
shermcohen's avatar
I snuck in a lot of old references into the backgrounds; which ones did you notice?
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spongebobs seaweed mustache, his super spatula and the whole sequence in thank gosh its monday where he jumps off the diving board into his pants like in the first episode, and a whole lot more! really gives it that seasons 1-4 feel
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Hee hee -- yes, those were all me :) I just had a real sense of nostalgia when I was drawing those scenes. I'm super-happy that you noticed!
P.S. -- It's kind of hard to see, but I also put SpongeBob's "weight room" (from the pilot...the one with the "I Love Pain" banner) in the background when SpongeBob walks downstairs looking for Gary :)
JacobJayCraft's avatar
i noticed that too!, i also found it hilarious when the flower/cloud fell from the sky and made a big -boom- sound
-edit- also, i found bubble bass and flats in the movie!
Shy-Sniper's avatar
I love that poster of Sandy in the backround, great attention to detail, albiet a storyboard panel!
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Great! I have to wait until I can see the movie :/
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I'm gonna see that movie today o:
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