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SpongeBob Movie 2 Rough: Jimmy Back my Formula?

"" Rough layout drawing from the SpongeBob Movie 2
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make it stop krabs make it stop ;-;
newdesignnew's avatar
SpongeBob (Hahaha) SpongeBob (Hahaha)  ooooooohhhh i get it iiiiiaaalaalaalaaaallllhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaahhahhbbbbbhhhhhhpppphhhahhahhhpppphhhhabbbbbbhhhhhppppphhhhhah
make it stop krabs!! maake it stoppp!!  ----------calm----------  aaahhhhbbbbbhhhhhhpppphhhhhhhhpp
hhbbbbbhhhhhhpppphhhhhJimmy Back my Formulahhhpppphhhhabbbbbbhhh
mr. krabs? spongebob zip it ---_----
SwagKirbyArt's avatar
:iconplanktonplz::iconsaysplz:MAKE IT STOP KRABS, MAKE IT STOP!!!
DoraeArtDreams-Aspy's avatar
that joke was FUNNY! XD
DarylT's avatar
Can't wait to see it.
Itachiuchiha9's avatar
thats a scene from the movie right?
JacobJayCraft's avatar
once again, krabs puts headphones over his eyes! i thought this was brilliant! its also a great little jab to when mr krabs was on a stationary bike in his jellyfish factory back in season... 2? maybe? :)
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Just saw the movie today! It was awesome. I think this scene made me laugh the hardest!
Nice! I just saw the movie today!
Amelia-SquarePants's avatar
I love SpongeBob's expression in this! :)
SOLmaster11's avatar
Ha! I love this part of the movie.
LegitimatePride's avatar
Is there more Deleted Scenes?
TheSnowballTV's avatar
ZaneDrake's avatar
The movie was great!SpongeBob (Hahaha) You guys did a wonderful job.
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Thanks a bunch, TacomanZKD -- It means a lot when it comes from the fans :))
ZaneDrake's avatar
No problem, I love the show.SpongeBob (Sexy Love) 
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