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SpongeBob Last Holiday Cover

The last cover for the last issue of Nickelodeon Magazine. Very sad to see the magazine close its doors, but I'm happy that I got the chance to work with so many great people at Nick Mag for the last 13 years.

This is the printed version of the magazine. Check my gallery for the original version that I sent in to the magazine, before all the text overlays and color adjustments.

I tried something new on this one...I used Photoshop to put a knit-sweater texture on all the sweaters. I never knew how to do it before, but all I had to do was import a texture that I found online, then cut it to shape, adjust the angle and make the layer mode into Overlay. It worked!

Original drawing in marker on printer paper. Inked in Illustrator CS3. Painted in ArtRage 2.5 "Knit sweater" Texture applied in Photoshop CS3.

The fireplace background is a stock photo that the art director placed in the background. There are a few more differences between this and the original...
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EthanBurnesMKDM's avatar
I really miss this magazine. At least I can always read the past issues.
JohnBukenas's avatar
IT's quite sad how the magazine still had the old logo in it's last issue
TheRandomMeister's avatar
Now I wish I had a copy of the final issue... |:(
SophiaDahlen's avatar
Wait,then what was that Nick magazine I saw at Safeway that had stuff like Sanjay and Craig?
SophiaDahlen's avatar
What?the magazine ended?why?
Torchu325's avatar
It's sad seeing this magazine end, but nostalgia is really getting the better of people! I'm not saying that Nick Magazine sucks, but that people need to get over all losses and move on some time or another.
DoraeArtDreams-Aspy's avatar
Nickelodeon NEEDS to bring those magazines back! those were AWESOME!
MattBooAndFriends's avatar
I died deeply inside when I found out this magazine ended...
Cartoonkal's avatar
I never even RECEIVED this issue. Nick Mag ending totally caught me off guard. It really stinks because I was only subscribed to Nick Mag for a year and I didn't even get the last issue.
Lauriekits's avatar
I love the detail and character reactions, especially Squidward. I've always loved your work. :) Superb job!
fungirlninja's avatar
i was sad when i saw that
ChaoFlakaa's avatar
zekeybomb's avatar
i still have my last issue mag i near cried when i found out nick mag ended i love that magazine and miss it so much it was a huge part of my child hood
MicroGalaxies's avatar
I was SO sad when I saw it was gone!
theycallmemranimator's avatar
lol i have so many old nick magazine's! Its a shame that it's gone :(
lnsert-creative-name's avatar
:sniff: (See the other cover Deviation) :(
thewizardess's avatar
So sad!! I was a huge fan of Nick magazine when I was younger. My mom refused to get me a subscription so I "borrowed" some from kids at school :P Awesome cover, Spongebob's smile is the cutest thing ever!
Sierra627's avatar
Why is Nick Mag ending?!?!?!!?!!?

I mean yeah, the channel hasn't had any good shows in years, but still!

I'm sad now...
LillayFran's avatar
Great pic! Its really fantastic! Poor Sqwidward xD
shermcohen's avatar
Thanks Lilly! Squidward has a very expressive face to play with ^_^
ReedGunther's avatar
It's sad but still such an awesome cover. Way to go out with a bang Sherm!
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