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SpongeBob Jellyfish Color

This SpongeBob was created to promote one of the 4th season specials (I can't even remember which one), and later appeared as a poster in Nickelodeon Magazine. It is also featured in the new special SpongeBob issue of TV Guide magazine.

Thuis final version was colored by Peter Bennett. See my gallery for the rough pencil version and the inked version
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FrostyTrifle1993's avatar

But this looks exactly like that one scene in "The Sponge Who Could Fly". Are you sure it wasn't a Season 3 special they were looking to promote?

y-IsEverythingPastel's avatar
spongebob put some pants on ur in public
happaxgamma's avatar
The description says season 4 so it's probably best day ever
SpongeBobFan2462's avatar
That's a promotional poters for Season 3's The Sponge Who Could Fly.
funnybird814's avatar
I always thought this was used as a promotional image for the sponge who could fly AKA The Lost episode
Zackman92's avatar
It looks like the episode "The sponge who could fly" AKA the lost episode
822PeppermintPatty66's avatar
The classic!
Love it! :)
FaithBField's avatar
I think Spongebob is like me.
BenTheFox1996's avatar
It's A Shame That The New Spongebob Episodes Are Not The Same As The Original. But I Might Enjoy The Second Movie.
StarwolfSpitfire's avatar
I believe I can fly
WeeneeTheIdiot's avatar
The episode was "The Sponge Who could Fly" (The one with the walk cycle)
FrostyTrifle1993's avatar

Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too.

SophiaDahlen's avatar
I'm the only one in my house who remembers that episode,Do they even play it anymore?I'm glad other people remember it too.
SophiaDahlen's avatar
Yeah. I finally saw it but only because we got digital cable and I recorded it on the DVR and finally at least my brother remembers it.How about you?
supermariospongebob's avatar
I see it occasionally on Nickelodeon
SophiaDahlen's avatar
Yeah that's good
TheGoku7729's avatar
IT WAS the sponge who could fly
X-Awesomely-Epic-X's avatar
The lost episode :D Loved it! 
AllCobbledUp's avatar
I beleive the Sponge who could fly was in Season 3
Using a mask of your image on my tumblr, will give you credit!

check it out if you want:

ChaoFlakaa's avatar
I remember singing to this...good times...
JustSomeMaddy's avatar
Oh my gosh! I have this spongebob poster!! This is amazing! You are amazing! :heart:
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