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SpongeBob CG vs pencil

Very excited to see one of my drawings re-imagined in CG/3D!
(from the new trailer for the upcoming 2015 SpongeBob Movie)
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I miss when movies were 2D it looked a lot nicer to me and was really artistically inspiring 
PaintFeathers's avatar
I like the pencil version!
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Haven't watched Spongebob in years, but I saw the movie trailer and I must say, they did a fantastic job converting to 3D :) 
BigMeatyClaws2000's avatar
Just wanted to say that your SpongeBob work is fantastic. If you came back to the show, I'd be extremely happy.
TaRtOoN-Man94's avatar
The very best thing about this movie so far is how dedicated the CGI is to recreating the shapes forms and overall looks of each character. :clap:
They missed an opportunity to render Spongebob himself with the texture of a real sponge but I can forgive it :)
stevethepocket's avatar
Wow, that's actually a CG render? It looks more like a digital painting. That's cool, and proof that if you actually put some effort into it, you can make CG that doesn't just look like CG.
Amelia-SquarePants's avatar
People say this movie is going to suck! Ugh people these days! Well, I say this is going to be an EPIC movie! Is this supposed to be a prequel??
CreativeChick614's avatar
The trailer was pretty funny!
Missplayer30's avatar
Possibly the only connection from the first movie in the sequel so far.
Oh and sorry for spamming you with my fanfics before.
inugirl289's avatar
I can't wait for this movie, the CG looks super smooth and fits really well into the live-action world!!
ProfessorSodaMan's avatar
This looks like a nice drawing. Do you work for spongebob?
obscene-and-obscure's avatar
Yes he did, he was the storyboard artist and also the writer.
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VannesteLand's avatar
I just hope this movie will conclude Spongebob.
obscene-and-obscure's avatar
I think the greedy Nick executives have other plans...
bcbwrick's avatar
Surprising depth for a sponge.  Proof that movement can be implied even in the most square of objects.  RICK
andynortonuk's avatar
I hope you get credited for the layout of that. 
kalkie's avatar
that's pretty exciting indeed- I've seen the trailer and man the poses and expressions give me hope how the animation's gonna be handled.
DarylT's avatar
That's so cool.
just-jin's avatar
I just saw the trailer today. the characters looked like moving plastic toys. looks awesome though, can't wait for it come out!
bakertoons's avatar
Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the movie.
Jessi2012's avatar
I love this. Love SpongeBob
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