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Angry Old People

By shermcohen
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Part of a storyboard drawing for...Can you guess the show? And the episode?
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Phineas and Ferb, Lights, Candace, Action?
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Yess!!! Good job :)
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xD Well i'm a big fan myself lol. This episode was on yesterday lol.
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Okay, Show: Phineas and Ferb ((I Know this 'Cause I'm A BIG Fan))

Episode: The One Where They Make The Movie
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this is epic, angry old people win!!!
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reminds me of the creatures of the deep from the episode of spongebob when spongebob and patrick visit mermaid man and barnacle boy at the retirement center and mermaid man calls upon the creatures of the deep to destroy the "evil!!!!!!"
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hehe, if I'm correct, I think the show is Phineas and Ferb, when they make a movie :) But due to the fight of Perry and Doofenshmirtz (had to google the name :XD:) the young audience watching the movie turn old and hate it...umm, correct or not, I should stay away from the TV more xD
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You are absolutely right! I think you're the first one to figure it out :)
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yay! :dummy: thank you, I feel really happy hearing that :XD:
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In Denmark it would be the angry mob against the new economic plan ;)
Great job! Merry christmas
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Those grumpy oldies! :rofl: Great job, I really love the picture!
Have a nice day, good luck! ;)
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Fun fact: So many old people are drawn with glasses and big noses in cartoon style. :rofl:
I'm feeling a bit awkward for not knowing from which show it is. ^^; But I love it anyway. :D :+fav:
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They attack the Nick-Studio!
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Incredible! Lovely composition!! Thank you for sharing.
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Hi SheBeast...thanks for saying hello!
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Whoop! This is what happens when security opens the food court doors around 2 minutes later than usual. Mall walker RAGE!
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Looks like the old folks that took to the streets against our government recently.This is just fantastic. They have such animated pace. :+fav:
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Thank you...I really appreciate the "animated" comment!
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Lawl, angry old people are win. You can never get enoug of them shaking their fist P:
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...and angry old people are awfully fun to draw!
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Hahah, lmao. This is great :lol:
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Thanks...I'm glad you're diggin it!
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