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Halloween: Wake - Part 1
    He couldn't remember how he had gotten here. All he recalled was a voice in his mind forcing him to press on through the immense pain. It knew he could get out of the still burning building even if his body screamed in protest. The many hits that had been inflicted upon him were taking their toll as was the lapping of the flames at his skin. Pungent aroma of burning flesh filling his nostrils through his mask as he pushed at the bars of his cage with all the might he had left. Weakened from the same fire that was threatening to swallow him whole the wood creaked and finally splintered. His bulky form catching and getting torn on exit, but he was free and he broke for the door before the house had time to trap him once more. A massive bleeding and smoldering shape he staggered and dragged his pain ridden body into the surrounding woods. The best he could figure he must have blacked out and been found among the trees because that was were his memory stopped.
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Would anybody have any interest in reading a ficlet set after the 2018 Halloween film that focuses on Michael Myers and an OC? Asking for a friend. That friend is me. 


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Hi there! I’m your average scalie trash human. I puff up to look intimidating, but come give me a poke and I will deflate and you'll find I’m a huge dork who is more afraid of you than you are of me.


• Movies: Animated / Horror / Badly Made
• Dragons
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Name: Cleena Collins

Gender: Female

Role: The Risk Taker

Ethnicity: Irish American

Ship: Risk Obsession (Cleena Collins x Michael "The Shape" Myers)

Cleena Collins is an Adrenaline junkie, rewarding a risky play. 
Her personal Perks, Kite Around, Follow Your Footsteps, & One With Bad reward a confrontational play style, but leave her as a prime Killer target. 
Her Perks come from years of putting herself in dangerous situations to get a thrill. She can be very helpful in alerting the group of the Killer’s whereabouts. That is if she doesn’t choose to confront them unarmed on her own first. 

There's no telling what lead the first born of an Irish American immigrant family to seek thrills in the way she did. Her school blamed bad parenting while her parents blamed bad schooling. Both doing everything in their power to keep her safe. This only bred further unrest in the girl though causing her to seek out bigger and more dangerous stimulation.

From sky diving to free diving and cliff walking and ice climbing Cleena's tried them all. Traveling far and wide in search of her next great thrill. Making her way to Bolivia's famous Death Road her adrenaline seeking finally caught up with her. Bicycle skidding off the wet path and down the steep cliff side into the woods below. They found her bike several days later, but her body was never recovered.


• Kite Around
The thrill of danger pushes her forward past her limits. 
Increases your speed by 100% for 5 seconds when you are in the Killer’s Terror Radius. 
Causes Exhaustion for 60/50/40 seconds. 
You can not recover from Exhaustion while running. 

 Follow Your Footsteps
Fear makes her more alert to her surroundings. 
Increases the Terror Radius of the Killer by 40%. 

 One With Bad
She loves the thrill of the chase almost as much as the Killer.
If you become the target of Obsession while in the Killer's grasp the speed that your wiggle meter fills up is increased by 50%. May be triggered once per game. 

 Hair: Sandy Brown with Amber highlights
 Eyes: Sea Green
• Skin Tone: Cream & Wild Rose
 Other Features: Freckles around entire body

Cleena by adaxel by SherlyWats
Art by ADAxel 


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