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Ghost Me sona challge day three… challge here
im probly gonna jump around and do what i like but if i use a promt froum a journal i will link it!
the cask of Amontillado school art work
so for one of my schools final i got to draw a since forum a story and i choose Edgar Allan Poe the cask of amontillado 

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    You are the newest owner of a two stores house on a hill. on the outside, the house was a gorgeous white house with pink trim almost like a dollhouse in its own way. The garden was well kept and the house was beautiful it's almost would seem like nothing ever goes wrong in this little house. The inside was as lovely as the outside it really was like a doll house. Except there's one room on the second floor three doors down from the stairs the door was covered by a crimson red curtain. Under the curtain, the oak wood door was chained in three silver chains and matching locks. You bought it after the previous owner disappeared about 9 years ago. You find an old computer on one of the desks that were left behind seemed the family just abandoned the house must be why you got it so cheap. So sigh taking a break from moving boxes you decide to sit at the computer curious on how the former owner was like. The computer beeped and buzzed as it whirred to life again the desktop was neatly organized except for one file called  [ TO THE NEXT OWNER] you were confused and as they say curiosity killed the cat you open the file.

To whom may be reading this, whatever you do. do not open the oak wood door draped in red if you value your life please don't.
Doll data collecting info: date 07/19/2009
My name is Elizabeth Smith I am a young 20-year-old woman and due to this room and what lies behind that cursed oak wood door is the reason I'm doomed to be alone.  You see i am the new keeper of a cursed doll that been passed down to the women of my family. My great grandmother was the last keeper..she been the keeper since my grandmother was a newborn. She told my that the doll in that room have been passed down from generations to generations. The doll itself was a small doll with reddish ringlets hair with a baby satin blue ribbon and matching dress.She has a crack along her left eye but there both blue. If you didn't know the history of this little doll it would be a pretty nick nack that your grandmother would leave on the shelf.

I was 15 when i was given the doll  by my grand mother and not my great grandmother. You see my great grandmother went this house that's how i inherited it because of my great grandmother's age everyone including my mother thinks she's dead. I for one think that. That doll if behind it but i  know what you maybe thinking ‘dolls don't come to life’ but this one is alive.. Shit i hear something.. I have to go.

You sigh closing the computer down “heh haunted dolls? Sounds like a cheesy horror movie cliche.” you get up and stretch and look out the window it was dusk when you started reading you yawn and decide to sleep in the with the bed next to the supposedly haunted room.
You get ready for bed and yawn laying on the bed. Soon drifting off to sleep. You soon woke up to a scratching noise at first you thought it was your cat mr. fluffy but groining you gregory woke up” fluff dude sto-” you froze mid sentence you saw your cat sleeping on your bed next to you. But if was here who was making that scratching noise?.. You decide not to check it out thinking you're only dreaming, and try to fall back to sleep.

The next day you needed to know more and go back to the computer and open the file backup reading more.
Data info date 07/26/2007
So the doll got out and let me tell you it was hell to get that thing back in her room the dolls name is mary i think.. heh ironic isn't it? anyway, I guess this is more of a diary than a collection of data on the doll. The doll didn't go back in without a fight got the scratches to prove it or are they more cuts?
In the file showed three sets of pictures showing a girl with pale skin and blue eyes and natural dirty blonde hair covered in what looked like cuts she was pretty for sure.
You go back to reading.
But anyway if you hear scratching its probably the doll trying to get out i'd suggest pouring salt at the bottom of the door frame and hang little bags of it on the chains and the handle of the door that thing hates salt.
You stopped reading at the rest of the data entry just states on ways to ‘fight’ this doll you got curious on to what it looks like and went to examine the door, it was exactly how described, you knock on the door. At first silents, then a burst of what sounded like porcelain glass rapidly hit the floor. The Silents. Tap tap tap the sound of porcalent glass hitting the door you jump back with a startle and ran back to the computer. All that was racing through your mind is [what the living hell].
Data info date 07/29/2007
I don't know what's happening to me i i think it got out at night my skin it's it's turning porcelain.
{in closed in the file what sets of pictures the owner a pale white porcelain skin as cracks from the cuts spiderweb out like a broken doll.}

You noticed that this was the shortest entry and read on to the next one. You notice instead of a  block of text it was a video titled
Data info date:  07/31/2007
I-I opened the door
Before you watched on that small line sent a chill down your back, but you hit wish you hadn't.
The video soon starts to play as the previous owner pops onto screen she had tears running down her face and covered in blood and scratches it was a gruesome sight, this time more of a doll appearance taken over her becoming a life-size modern day porcelain doll. betwing the sniffling and the crying she spoke “i i couldn't take it anymore i opened the door that that monster doesn't just kill people..she turned them into a doll my great-grandmother is a f*cking doll. I-i have to get out i have to go! But before i do if your watching this-” just as she said that the video starts cutting in and out. Something in the background gets closer it was a older woman she looked like the young woman but she was a doll in quick flashes the girl is dragged father into the middle of the room. Held down but two life-size porcelain dolls as one takes center in the screen holding a kitchen knife it plunges it into the girl's chest. As the video cuts in and out again this time the girl obviously dead but looked like a porcelain doll was facing the screen blood dripping down like tears with a twisted smile on her face next to her was the small doll. Its face mimic the poor girls took a hand and made what seemed like a shushing motion.
You didn't know what to think as you hear something burst it sounded like the door was broken you screamed as something grabbed your ankle.

In Breaking news authorities have entered the house on the hill which had been known for its owners becoming missing this time what seemed to be lifelike porcelain dolls the size of mannequins are wheeled out they were covered by a sheet but seemed bloody and the police say they have nothing on the matter this is your local news reporting out.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Commission Info2018 by sherlyprime

I link some of my other artwork that you can see to be examples for a commission

Would You Be Proud?
Meeting With A Witch
Mermaid Echo
Ut goldie

so I'm opening commissions there pretty cheap 
  • sketches $3 -1 character 
  • color sketches $6
  • line art $9
  • basic coloring $12
  • basic shading $ 15
  • basic background $18
  • advance coloring (depends on art)
  • advance background with $21

what I will draw

  • undertale (aus to)
  • ocs
  • dress designs
  • females (guys too but not too well at it)
  • disney
  • slight gore like bloody but not gross
  • robotic looking
what I will not draw
  • NSFW
  • animals
  • transformers(I'm having a hard time drawing them hence why i haven't drawn sherly for a long time)
  • cars
  • happy tree friends
  • extreme gore(ask me)
 can pay by Buy Me a Coffee at or paypal i ask that it takes 2 to three weeks or sooner ill note you when im done then you will pay after previews so if i made mistakes you can tell me and i can fix it ill be doing one at a time so it may take a while and if i cant do it please understand that life comes first i also ask that you respect my wishes and if i say no then its no and i also ask that you don't remove my watermark which won't be big


sherlyprime's Profile Picture
galaxy or anyhing
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Buy Me a Coffee at

hey every one you can call me galaxy or whatever im a female so they/them, she/her, um my main characters are sherly pax for transformers but seeing as ive got more into undertale ive been using arial or Goldie the website is to my rp blog of her if you dont want to rp here or there theres this great website called and it a awesome place you and your buddie can rp at but if you share the link openly hen unwanted guest can go in so becareful on who you share the link or how you share it you can name the room anything and create text character boxes its a good site so yup

i have a tumbler and a redbubble twitter… redbubble… youtube channel

You say Megatron
I say Optimus Prime
You say Decepticon
I say Autobot
You say Destruction
I say Peace
You say Punish and Enslave
I say Protect and Serve
Put this on your signature or page if you are a true

| OPTIMUS PRIME| |"""|"'__,
/(@)(@)'''''''''''''''''(@)(@) ---(@)


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