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Group o' cosplayers by sherlymate Group o' cosplayers :iconsherlymate:sherlymate 3 1 I'm sure the DeathNote is around here somewhere... by sherlymate I'm sure the DeathNote is around here somewhere... :iconsherlymate:sherlymate 8 0 L, Bigby Wolf and Eridan Ampora by sherlymate L, Bigby Wolf and Eridan Ampora :iconsherlymate:sherlymate 2 2 Pensive L by sherlymate Pensive L :iconsherlymate:sherlymate 4 0 Free! Fans Secret Santa by sherlymate Free! Fans Secret Santa :iconsherlymate:sherlymate 7 2 Ronad Knox by sherlymate Ronad Knox :iconsherlymate:sherlymate 3 0 Grell and Sebastian by sherlymate Grell and Sebastian :iconsherlymate:sherlymate 4 1 HIs Reaper, Repulsive by sherlymate HIs Reaper, Repulsive :iconsherlymate:sherlymate 8 0 Alice in Wonderland themed Halloween by sherlymate Alice in Wonderland themed Halloween :iconsherlymate:sherlymate 3 0
Mature content
Grell the Reaper :iconsherlymate:sherlymate 4 1
Mature content
Grell's heart :iconsherlymate:sherlymate 8 10
Usa-chan's love story
"Come on Usa-chan! We'll be late!" Honey said to me, picking me up from my somewhat comfortable spot on his bed, and hopping onto his cousin Mori's shoulders.

He carried us through the school, Honey calling out cheery 'good mornings' to everyone he knew, whilst Mori nodded silently.

When we arrived at the Host Club, Mori pushed open the doors, to reveal a fairly large, well lit room with large windows all around. It had pillars here and there, and had been decorated with elegant couches and tea-tables everywhere. The Host Club members themselves were busy treating the ladies; pouring them tea, offering sweets of any kind, and being a gentleman.

Tamaki was wooing a lady off her feet while her friends shrieked their heads off; the Hitachiin Twins were displaying their newest incest move; sitting on each others' laps and draping their arms around each other romantically. The girls seemed to die of happiness watching them, but me, I'll never know what gets them so excitedÉ may
:iconsherlymate:sherlymate 2 0
Grell And Monsters Ta-daa

*rolling credits*

Grell sat frozen on the couch, the blanket half-covering her. She slowly pushed the button on the remote, and the screen turned off.
She'd just watched the scariest movie she'd ever seen. Alone. With no one in the apartment. Will was out working late, so she'd put on a movie, a horror movie, though. Grell stayed sitting, staring at the screen, as if the monster she'd watched would jump out at her. She slowly grabbed the phone on the nearby coffee table, and dialed Will's number.


"Duuuude look's like a laday! Da-da schtit da-da! Duuude looks like a lady!..." Will picked up his phone and saw it was Grell calling him, but he was only a block away, so he didn't answer.


"CrapÉ." Grell muttered, now scared shitless.
What if a demon had come into the Shinigami Dispatch and killed Will? Or what if he'd gotten into a car accident on his way home? It was raining outsideÉ Grell looked out the living room window and starred at the d
:iconsherlymate:sherlymate 5 10
They're spies - SebxMey-rin
She arrived at the location where the suspect, Mr Anderson Hill, was
currently staying at. It was a 4-star hotel and he was calmly enjoying
the night-sky, sitting outside with a half-empty glass of Scotch.

He'd come to Brampton for a business meeting, and her client had
paid her a hefty sum to get rid of this man. He looked nice enough,
but then again, they all did.

He was alone outside in the pool's terrace, and the lights were dim;
perfect for a quiet death. As she started putting together her rifle, he
got up and started walking around. For a moment she thought he
might leave and she'd have to find another way to kill him, but Mr Hill
merely wanted to walk around the pool, carelessly drinking the rest of
his drink. Sighing in relief, she attached the last piece of her gun in
place, and slid onto the ground in a lying position. It wasn't exactly
what you'd call comfortable, but it was the best way to shoot a moving

As she used her excellent far-sighted visio
:iconsherlymate:sherlymate 2 1


Sherlock by teralilac Sherlock :iconteralilac:teralilac 2,251 227 Undertaker cosplay by YURK-K Undertaker cosplay :iconyurk-k:YURK-K 136 20 Vincent Phantomhive Cosplay by Riko1992 Vincent Phantomhive Cosplay :iconriko1992:Riko1992 37 3 Sweet Lady by famous-and-fabulous Sweet Lady :iconfamous-and-fabulous:famous-and-fabulous 46 13 Sebas-chaaaan! by famous-and-fabulous Sebas-chaaaan! :iconfamous-and-fabulous:famous-and-fabulous 43 3 Death! by famous-and-fabulous Death! :iconfamous-and-fabulous:famous-and-fabulous 25 0 My Sweet Willie~ by famous-and-fabulous My Sweet Willie~ :iconfamous-and-fabulous:famous-and-fabulous 12 0 Grell (Me) with Undertaker, a dead Doll and M. Red by Madame-Katherine Grell (Me) with Undertaker, a dead Doll and M. Red :iconmadame-katherine:Madame-Katherine 7 0
Spring into Summer Cosplay Contest!
EDIT: Reminder that this is still open!
Hello Grell Cosplayers, How about we try a contest?
Deadline: August 31st
This should give everyone plenty of time.
Theme: Spring into Summer
The Weather is finally warming up and Grell has a day off to enjoy it!
Create a cosplay photograph of your version of Grell doing something springy or summery.
:bulletred:Number of winners (1-3+honorable mentions) will depend on how many entries we get.
:bulletred:Each contestant may submit up to two photographs. (But will only win once.)
:bulletred:Entries must be good or high quality. Do not use photographs taken on a phone or webcam.
:bulletred:Be creative with the background. Don't use a blank wall or messy bedroom. Make sure the background will lend to the overall theme of the contest.
:bulletred:Original outfits are encouraged but not necessary.
:bulletred:The Grell cosplayer must be yourself!
:bulletred:Entries must be new and made specifically for this contest.
:icongrellcosplayers:GrellCosplayers 2 5
.::Undertaker in Dark Room::. by FranciscaEdyr .::Undertaker in Dark Room::. :iconfranciscaedyr:FranciscaEdyr 89 12 Grell and I by SweetLittleVampire Grell and I :iconsweetlittlevampire:SweetLittleVampire 157 99 MALEC Their first Valentines Day by Wiiel MALEC Their first Valentines Day :iconwiiel:Wiiel 258 23 I spotted a Taemin! by Merrycka I spotted a Taemin! :iconmerrycka:Merrycka 12 5 Iwaki and Katou by CielMichaelis88 Iwaki and Katou :iconcielmichaelis88:CielMichaelis88 5 0 You're heavy!! by hiryuucos You're heavy!! :iconhiryuucos:hiryuucos 4 0 FREE! Winter f(x) SHINee Wallpaper!! by temarisgiantfan101 FREE! Winter f(x) SHINee Wallpaper!! :icontemarisgiantfan101:temarisgiantfan101 5 7




sherlymate's Profile Picture
Now before anyone gets confused, there's two of us.
There's Bubby, (yes a guy) and me, Kath.
Before you get any ideas, we are NOT together... the amount of times people have asked or told us... :facepalm:

Let's see... I'm (Kath) 16, and he's 15, I'm usually -always- on dA, and will take care of... notes and most submissions and whatnot... Bubby's just here... cuz.
Originally, we created this account cuz we found this amazingly, adorable, cutesy-loveable baby Ciel picture, and we fell in love with it, 'awwing' everytime we looked at it. We wanted to favorite it, therefore we created ze account.

In short,
HE: DR WHO, Sherlock BBC, One Piece, Super Heroes, Heroes ("the SHOW" he tells me) Blue Exorcist, ponies
ME/SHE: BLACK BUTLER, Sherlock BBC, several animes (most of which I haven't actually seen yet), cosplay, fan-related stuff, City of Bones (only seen the movie so far), Downton Abbey and K-Pop (especially SHINee) anndd misheard lyrics

We both kinda somewhat like Homestuck, 'cept it kinda gives us headaches while reading... and we only kinda got into it cuz of our bff, Tasha aka HeavyFallenDusk

Dislikes: SPIDERS (including Claude Faustus - that little soul-sucking-leach-ass-son-of-a-popsicle), yuri (in fandoms only) avocados, brussel sprouts (why are we listing food?) -ist type of people (ex. racist, sexist, y'know) and Bubby really hates my guts whenever I'm TOM-ing ^^

So, Bubby here is like a freaking superman who like, y'know.. likes to burp coloured ooze XD (we're arguing over my word choice here)

And I'm like... I laugh at anything, everything and anywhom. Kinda.. childish... yeah. *realizes people will actually read this O.O*

We're kinda immature (i mean, what do you expect from teenagers?) and pervy... lol duh. oh, and weird.

myFANFICTIONaccount no, Bubby doesn't have one... just me ^^
Well, this is MY first entry.  Don't know what to say really, my friend said some would you say this? Hyperish and tired at the exact same time when she wrote those, well at least i think?  If you think that her entry was weird, then read the rest of this shitttt!  No need for swearing, but i found it appropriate in that situation.  I may have Multiple personality disorder, kinda like a Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde thing, but there is no potion of any least i don't think there is?  Well, i think i have five different minds living in one brain/skull thingy.  OH! By the way, i didn't mention my name, how RUDE!  My friends usually address me as Bubby.  And if you know what that means, then good on YOU!  My friend and i very different, in a way.  We both like the same things, but...well, let's just say its a physical thingy.  See, my friends say I'm "INVINCIBLE!" and, for some odd reason, think that i have inhuman strength.  Cath on the other hand...well...thumb wrestling or sports are not really her fancy.  I'm like a sea urchin, hard on the outside and squishy on the inside.  cathy is the EXACT OPPPOSITE.

Well good night...sleep awaits


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