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A Couple Of Girls And A Couple Of Worms!
This is something I dug up in the dank dark recesses of my story vault. Don't remember the inspiration for this, but it is a decent story. I hope you like it!
 Ann was sunbathing on her patio. She wore a charcoal gray bikini. Her gorgeous body was browning nicely. Ann was a stunning young woman, tall & athletic. Her figure was far from slender, tho there was little flab either. Her breasts were firm, but modest & her legs were long & shapely. She had waist long straight black hair & deep brown eyes hidden behind her sunglasses. She was kicked back in a chase lounge with a cold drink to one side on a small table. She was almost drifting off to sleep when she heard a familiar voice yell; “Hello!”
Ann raised her head, shielding her eyes & saw her friend Cindy walking toward her from the driveway. Ann got up to meet her, slipping her feet into a pair of flip flops. Ann walked toward Cindy smiling. Cindy was shorter than Ann with thick dark blonde hair & blue eyes. She was
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Birthday Brunch! Pt1
Here is my new tale courtesy of the lovely & talented UnwillingVictim95, based on an outline she supplied. We hope you enjoy it!
Kerry said goodbye to all her friends and thanked them for attending her Birthday party. It had been a nice, but tame time. Kerry didn't want a boozy, wild bash. That would come this weekend when nobody had to worry about getting up in the morning & it certainly wouldn't take place in her flat! She loved her friends, but a few of them could get a little crazy when they were drinking. Still, she insisted everybody dress up. She, herself, wore a glittering purple minidress that fit her well & showed off her long shapely legs. Her friends had dressed accordingly. Now that they were gone, she sat down with Her best friend and roommate, Olivia, looking through the photos of everyone having a good time together. Kerry wasn't one to put off chores & decided to clean up and clear some stuff away.
She walked to her room where she'd put all the presents that her friend
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Hank by sherlockdad Hank :iconsherlockdad:sherlockdad 2 2
Sweeter Surprise!
As the name implies, this is a continuation of Reddmann's wonderful video, this time starring AimeeUnwillingVored as Sloppy Joe's dinner companion & commissioned by her. We hope you enjoy!
Aimee walked into her apartment. She had acquired the building via an old aunt & was thrilled to take it over as it was just off her college campus. She was tired after a long day of school & work. She grabbed her tablet & stumbled into her bedroom, collapsing on the bed as she waited for the screen to fire up. She wanted to check today's numbers so far. She smiled widely. Another amazing day!
Aimee at first hated the idea of taking over the apartment building, but quickly saw the potential. She spent a small fortune renovating it & only rented rooms to the most attractive girls. Rent was cheap, but Aimee didn't mind. She was making a ton of money! Aimee, much to the ignorance of her tenants, ran an online video peep show. She had a few of the AV geeks at the college install hidden cameras in all the
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Fit For A Feast! pt2
Here is part 2 to the sad demise of Julia & Olga as commissioned by 21Olya21. Hope you enjoy!
Olga was concerned her sister had not returned. Had she been sick & didn't say so? She wandered back to the bathrooms, finding no sign of her sister. Worried, she started back, calling out Julia's name. She spotted the partially open door & decided to give it a look. Fear seemed to grip her as she got close. Her hand trembled as she reached for the door knob. What was wrong with her? Why did this room make her so apprehensive? She pushed it open, calling out; "Julia? Are you in here?" It was then that she spotted the sneakers. She gasped, knowing they were her sister's. What had happened? She walked in for a closer look. She heard the door close behind her, but never got the chance to turn around.
Everything had gone as Sloppy Joe had wanted & now he had Olga trapped. He was ready! He grabbed her from behind, quickly tying a cleave gag over her mouth. He then forced her arms behind her back &
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The Trap Is Set, But For Who?
Been awhile, but this is a new story featuring the ever lovely AimeeUnwillingVored, based on one of her suggestions. I hope you enjoy it!
Aimee & Charlotte pushed the cart out of the elevator & out into the deserted ramp garage. Aimee had asked her friend to help her move this heavy duffle bag down to her car. Charlotte was only too happy to help. She needed to make amends for a drunken miscue last Saturday. Charlotte had gotten a bit too much into her cups & had unabashedly flirted with Aimee's boyfriend Brad. It had nearly caused a fight. Charlotte felt awful & had apologized numerous times to her friend. Aimee seemed to accept it as just a bad night & things had been going well between them.
They continued deeper into the bowels of the garage. Charlotte looked around nervously. She'd never been to the lower levels before. They had all sorts of bad reputation from being haunted to being dens where druggies & homeless people lived. "Are y-you sure this is OK?" She asked sheepishly. "Y
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Table For One!
Here is another Moldy Oldie from many moons ago. Not sure if this was ever posted anywhere before? Not Halloween themed, but still, a nice meaty tale! Enjoy!
                                               Against restaurant policy, Amber Norris strolled in the front door & headed for the bar to get her paycheck. She wore a pair of faded blue cut off jean shorts that exposed every inch of her long well muscled tanned legs. Her torso was barely covered by two spaghetti strap camisoles, a white one over a royal blue. The tops were so tight that her medium sized firm breasts stretched the fabric of both to the extreme so that the blue shown through the white. The thin straps couldn’t hope to conceal her bra straps, but it just made it look like she was wearing 3 tops. The nicely tanned flesh of her arms, shoulders & upper chest & back were plainly visible.
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Trick or Treat
This is a very old story I wrote when I first started writing vore stories many years ago. As you might have guessed, this was supposed to be a 4 part story, but I never got around to writing the other 3. Seems kind of pointless now, but you never know. I hope you enjoy it! The photo is not Danielle, but I thought you'd enjoy a little eye candy! ;)
                                  18yr old Danielle was out trick or treating with her fellow cheerleader friends. She thought she was a bit old for such things, but her friends convinced her it would be fun just for a laugh. Besides, they said, it was the one day a year they could dress like sluts without catching grief from their parents.
                                   Danielle was tall at 5'8" with a decent figure tho she wished she had bigger breasts, especially
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Revenge Is Not Always Sweet pt1
OK, here is another collaboration with the beautiful Aimeeunwillingvored! This will be a 4 part tale. We hope you enjoy it!
Aimee is waiting for her friends to arrive at her place for a stay in girls night. She is dressed up in a black crop top, pink mini skirt and strappy white heels. Little do her friends know that this will be their very last night together as Aimee have something evil planned for them. She walks towards her built-in closet and opens it. She shoves a huge bulk of her clothing to the side where, revealing a trap door, hidden by the clothes. She squats down and opens the trap door. At first, all she can see is pitch darkness in there, but a few seconds later, a grey figure slowly pops up and she sees Sloppy Joe's big face emerge. He stares at in a way that sends chills up her spine, but also makes her embarrassed & self conscious. She shakes it off & they begin to converse.
Aimee: So you know the plan then?
Sloppy Joe: Yes Aimee. Eat all your three friends when you le
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Fit For A Feast! pt1
this is part 1 of a commission by the lovely 21Olya21. I hope you enjoy!
Sloppy Joe gazed thru the window of the gymnasium. So many lush delicious young women all dressed in lime green T-shirts & short black athletic shorts. His mouth was watering! He was trying to decide which ones to attempt to abduct as his meal for today when he spotted a set of twins. The girls were pretty & meaty with lovely plump juicy legs! He licked his lips appreciatively, not even caring that he was drooling. He decided these 2 would be his dinner. Now, how to capture them?
As luck would have it, one of them walked off down a corridor. Sloppy grinned. He jumped down & followed the building along where he guessed that corridor was. He soon saw a window. He jumped up, catching the ledge, then pulled himself up. He broke the latch & raised the window, crawling in. He was in an empty classroom. Perfect! He moved quietly toward the door, listened for a moment, then slowly opened the door. He peered out & was rewa
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No Trespassing!
Here is another collaboration between myself & AimeeUnwillingVored, featuring her story outline filled out by me. We hope you like it!
Aimee was taking vacation in a distant Asian country. She went by myself to get a really unique experience exploring the area beyond the tourist traps. It was in the summer season so the temperature was hot & sticky. She stayed in a very quiet beach resort she could use as a safe retreat should things get out of hand. She began her search outside the resort proper. She talked to locals to get information about the interesting, the bizarre & even the dangerous. One very interesting thing she heard about was where there's a very strange tiny island just off the coast occupied by an old abandoned village. It piqued her curiosity. She quickly found that no one was allowed on the island, but no one would say why? Bottom line was that no one would take her out there. This was never an obstical that would ever thwart Aimee.
One fine night, she decided to head
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Biking Over For Dinner!
Here is a commission I did for the lovely 20Katie & posted at her request. I hope you enjoy it as much as she did!
It was such a lovely day that Katie grabbed her bike & took off for a ride. It wasn't long before she left the bustling neighborhood for the nearby woods. Once she got under the canopy, she was happy she had worn jeans instead of shorts. The temperature dropped off 10 degrees in the shade of the tall trees. She wore a tank top & open sandals. She could feel the cool breeze wash over her bare arms, shoulders & exposed feet as she peddled deeper into the woods. Her long black hair streamed behind her head.
After a bit, she pulled over to get a drink from her water bottle. As she sipped, she tried to decide if she wanted to turn back or continue on? It was getting close to lunch time, but she really wasn't hungry yet. Still, she knew there were several steep hills coming up & she wasn't sure she wanted to be bothered. Suddenly, she spotted a trail off to her right. She had ne
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You're Next!
Here is a collaboration with AimeeUnwillingVored. She wrote the main story line & ideas & I supplied the polish. Hope you like it! I thought she came up with a great concept!
Aimee and Ellie are walking home from school together, using their usual route they always take. As per usual, they turned into this dark alleyway. They always walked through, despite how creepy it is. It is sort of a dare they each play, to be sure they are brave enough to do it. It's silly & they know it, but it has become sort of a ritual for them. As they walk, Aimee notices a laptop that is just sitting on top of a trash can. It looked like it was
in good condition. She picked it up, but Ellie told her to just leave it in case someone forgot it by mistake. Aimee dismisses this theory and told her that since it's on top of a trash can, someone obviously doesn't want it anymore. Aimee tucked it up thinking she got some good luck and won't need to buy a new computer to replace her ancient one! Ellie decides not
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Aimee As Snack Surprise!
Another tale featuring the beautiful & very edible AimeeUnwillingVored! This is sort of a homage to PD's & Ariel Black's chair video. We hope you enjoy!
Aimee arrived home exhausted! A full day of classes followed by a 4 hour shift at her job had wiped her out. Despite being tired, she was too keyed up to go to bed just yet. Besides, she didn't have to get up too early for class tomorrow & she had no work scheduled. She had managed to grab a couple of fast meals on the go, so she wasn't hungry. She staggered into the kitchen to get a drink before stumbling back into her living room. She eyed the sectional sofa hungrily! It looked so inviting. She wobbled forward & fell into it hard, turning her body as she did so. She stretched out her long shapely legs onto the ottoman, grabbed the remote & flicked on the TV. She didn't bother to channel surf. All she wanted was some mindless entertainment. She knew she wasn't going to pay attention to it for long. Her notion was prophetic as soon her
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Never Buy From Strangers!
Something new from the beautiful AimeeUnwillingVored & myself, this time featuring her lovely friend Elisa! 2 gorgeous meals for one lucky predator! We hope you enjoy!
Aimee & Elisa were getting ready for a night out with friends. They wanted to attract attention so they dressed very skimpily. Aimee wore a black sleeveless blouse with a lavender wrap skirt & high white sandal heels. Elisa went all out in a strappy low cut bright red minidress that clung to her slender frame perfectly. Her shoes were high lattice heels. Both girls' outfits showed off plenty of skin especially their long shapely legs. They took a photo of them in their outfits, to commemorate this night. Exams were over & now they had a nice long summer to relax. The 2 girls had decided to keep their college flat for the summer so they wouldn't have to house hunt next fall. They would find jobs in town for their vacation, going home occasionally to satisfy their parents.
With the photo taken, Elisa announced she had a su
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Cheats Become Treats!
Here is another commissioned work for the exceptionally lovely AimeeUnwillingVored! She had extensive input in this one so this is hers as well as mine! We hope you enjoy it!
Brad was driving home from work. He worked the evening shift at the warehouse, 3pm to 11pm. He'd gotten out 20 minutes early because he'd done a favor for his boss. He smiled as he listened to the radio & thought of his girlfriend Aimee. He was one lucky guy! She was absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful face, long blonde hair, great body, tanned skin & long shapely legs! Plus, she wasn't one of those girls that was stuck up about being a knock out. She was nice, smart & very fun to be with. He was off tomorrow night & was so very much looking forward to going out with her. They'd talked on the phone, but he hadn't seen her in a few days. He longed to see her lovely smile & touch her smooth body. His smile got even wider the more he thought of her.
Brad continued to drive & grin when he spotted a couple walking to his le
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Haruka deep in the woods 3 :iconnatsuko-hiragi:Natsuko-Hiragi 273 26
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Well, seems like ole' Sherlock has become quite a popular story writer of late! Always willing to write more if any pretty girls are interested in finding themselves in peril from some hungry beast! Just drop me a note & we'll see what we can come up with. Many thanks to all of you who have fav'd my stories or added them to your collections!


United States
For those of you who have been waiting for a specific video from a certain studio & all you get for your Patreon membership is previews, here are my thoughts on the subject. I personally will never join Patreon for any studio because I think memberships for content are rip-offs! This long awaited for video is a perfect example of why.

No offense to the studio, but this is why I don't join Patreon. It's exactly like the old Erotic Illusions & other such sites from years ago. You are totally at the mercy of the artist. You have been promising this video for over a month. & what have Patrons gotten for their $? A few preview pix & now a preview video. Yeah sure, I'm guessing they've put up other content, but if someone joined & was waiting for this specific video, I'm guessing they'd be a little pissed right now. & "Soon" just doesn't cut it. Sure, Patreon is cheaper, but you get what you pay for. The more you invest, the more access you have.

Don't get me wrong, I do NOT begrudge artists & studios from making $ off their hard work! I think they deserve to be paid. With all the thievery that goes on these days, get paid while you can! But flaunting a membership at people, floating some previews at them & then making them wait over a month for the finished product is just cruel. I know Clips4Sale is not really the answer either. I was shocked to hear Artists & Studios only get 60% of every sale! That really sucks! That's not fair! But membership required content is not fair to the members. Oh sure, for awhile you pump out the content, but eventually, as it always does, real life invades. What you put out slips & soon your patrons move on because they are bored, usually too late to recoup the $ they spent.

There must be a better way! I hope eventually, someone comes up with something.

Well, I gues that ends my rant as it appears someone has set fire to my soap box so I guess I'll mosey on my merry way. ;)


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