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:sherlock: Hello all fellow Sherlockians! :sherlock:

Here are the rules for submitting fanart for our gallery!!


HOW to submit
:bulletblue: Be a member!
:bulletblue: Submit via the "Submit Art" icon above OR via the "plus" icons in the gallery OR directly when uploading your submission to DA (advanced features).
:bulletblue: Choose the right folder, please (incorrectly submitted art will be declined).

WHAT to submit:
:bulletblue: Anything Sherlock Holmes related.
:bulletblue: Club Rating: PG-13
:bulletblue: Any medium. (Traditional, Digital, Cosplay)
:bulletblue: Give us the best art you're capable of! <3
:bulletblue: Finished and presentable sketches are cool, too.
:bulletblue: First chapter of fanfiction only

WHAT NOT to submit:
:bulletblue: NO Slash. Stated canon pairings only.
:bulletblue: Nothing outside dA's Guidelines.
:bulletblue: No pornographic content.
:bulletblue: Nothing you did not create yourself.
:bulletblue: No WIPs or traced pictures.
:bulletblue: No Photomanips/Postermanips
:bulletblue: No GIFs.
:bulletblue: No modified screenshots.
:bulletblue: No portraits of just the actors/actresses.

We apply subjective quality control, primarily on common portraits of actors in character, but to other submission as well. Give us something stunning or interesting to look at, present us a real treat, and you are likely gonna find your artwork accepted. We aim to make fair decisions but if we are ever off, please do not be afraid to get in touch.
Let's be civil about it.

BBC Sherlock = 1 deviation/member/month
Guy Ritchie SH = 1 deviation/member/month
Humour and Fun = 1 deviation/member/month
All others = 1, 2 or 3 deviations/member/week

Thank you!

(Revised last on 23rd of March, 2021)

Founder: :icondemico-art:

Admins: :iconwindmaedchen::iconashley-f:

Gallery Folders

Unlikely Afternoon Tea 2 by Deathlydollies13
Missing Illustration by OorusevenFiibaa7777
Catacomb Cavort by Alexiel-VIII
Hound Of The Baskerville by mrBroucek
Classical canon and novels
Holmes and Watson by astairhodes
Holmes by astairhodes
Green Beast by Windmaedchen
Inktober 2020|Day 27 - Music - Sherlock Holmes by TheGoldenAquarius
Classical movies and TV
Sherlock Holmes by Pidimoro
The Many Faces of Sherlock Holmes - Complete by FilmmakerJ
Sherlock Holmes sketchcard by whu-wei
Roxburgh by mashakukhar
Granada Sherlock Holmes
Frustrated Pixel Adventures of Holmes and Watson by OorusevenFiibaa7777
Minifigs by blue-cube
Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Ugly Blanket by Zelda-Chan202
Brett by mashakukhar
Russian Sherlock Holmes
Livanov by mashakukhar
Vasily Livanov by mashakukhar
Holmes and Watson by mashakukhar
Russian doctor by blue-cube
BBC Sherlock
Hooper by scribblemog
Patience by TheCeruleanFeline
Irene Adler by TakaraiIzumi23
Holmes and Watson by CristianGarro
Guy Ritchie "Sherlock Holmes"
Sh - Young John Watson by yakichou
[One Week Portrait] 2 Full Portrait v.2 by SlytherclawPadawan
Sherlock and Irene by celticsidhe
Sketch Holmes by Zary-CZ
CBS Elementary
Elementary - Kitty (Ophelia Lovibond) by Gequibren
Sherlock Holmes - Jonny Lee Miller by Rohit-Sawant
Irene by simone-sche
It's Elementary Watson by simone-sche
Unlikely Meeting by Windmaedchen
Smaulock Comic Con version by SaitouuRyuuji
Sherlock Holmes and Victorian Martians - Incoming by 10th-letter
Related universes
Moriarty the Patriot by Sloartist-Raven
Moriarty the Patriot by AoiBara1992
Moriarty The Patriot fanart by ViralTetris
sherlock and watson by lavellyn
Contest: Unlikely Afternoon Tea
The freezer trap - Unlikely Afternoon Tea Contest by iReneeArt
Case of the missing Maxie by Sketchy-on-Details
Photos and Cosplay
Underground by MCkopath
Consulting Detective - Sherlock Holmes Inspired by thingamajik
Humour and Fun
002 by LineSun

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We're done it. We have decided on the winners. It was, once again, a tough choice because every single entry was brilliant in itself. You are certainly  not making our job very easy... =P
If you haven't taken away a price this year, there will be more opportunity in the next contest. :D As usual, the winners are listed below. :heart:

Do you think afternoon teas are all about hot water, tea leaves and some sweet little snacks? :sherlock:
Think again, because this is all about the most UNLIKELY WAYS Holmes and Watson have enjoyed a hot cup!

Here is what we want:
A picture or small fic showing us Holmes and Watson enjoying a nice hot steaming cup of tea in, to be honest, a rather unlikely and strange place. Certainly not the place you would EXPECT tea usually to be taken. xD

Now, there are a few RULES, though:

:bulletred: Both Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson have to be present in the picture. More characters are allowed if you want to add them. ;)

:bulletred: Since we are a "SH canon club" keep their designs accordingly. No other adaptations, please.

:bulletred: They both need to have a teacup in their hands and the teapot nearby.

:bulletred: One would NOT expect people to have tea on the location chosen (e.g. graveyard, top of a moving train, inside Mobby Dick, the moon surface...)
:bulletyellow: You are ALLOWED to use cross-over locations (of other adaptations or other stories entirely).

:bulletred: If you need, you can use a speechbubble to explain the situation a bit better. But keep it short and simple. Like the tagline of a good joke. ;)

:bulletred: You can enter up to three pieces.

:bulletred: Your art has to be new. No art you had already uploaded in your gallery.

:bulletred: Make sure it follows DA and the club's rules (remember, this is a slash-free group)

:bulletred: No doodles you spent 5 seconds drawing on a piece of note paper. Please, do your best.

:bulletgreen: The Admins will do the judging. :plotting:

:bulletyellow: Submit your entries to the "Contest: Unlikely Afternoon Tea" Folder.

:bulletyellow: The deadline is April 6th 2019 midnight at Baker Street Time (GMT)! Lot's of time to get creative.

:bulletred:1st Place
Unlikely Afternoon Tea 2 by Deathlydollies13 by :icondeathlydollies13:
- 300 :points:
- Two (or less) coloured chibis (Holmes related preferable) by :iconwindmaedchen: (digital image)
- A fully coloured character of your choice by :icondemico-art: (digital image)

:bulletorange:2nd Place
The freezer trap - Unlikely Afternoon Tea Contest by iReneeArt by :iconireneeart:
- 200 :points:
- Two (or less) sketched characters (or chibis) (Holmes related preferable) by :iconwindmaedchen: (digital image)
- One coloured sketched character by :icondemico-art: (digital image)

:bulletyellow:3rd Place
A fourth wall breaking afternoon tea by TheGoldenAquarius by :iconthegoldenaquarius:
- 100 :points:
- Two (or less) sketched chibis (Holmes related preferable) by :iconwindmaedchen: (digital image)
- One simple sketched character by :icondemico-art: (digital image)

:bulletred: The other, amazing entries(In chronological order) :bulletred:

1- Slow Mo Tea (Unlikely Afternoon Tea Contest Entry) by caboosemcgrief by :iconcaboosemcgrief:

2- Sherlock Holmes - Unlikely Afternoon Tea by Khialat by :iconkhialat:

3- Unlikely Afternoon Tea by Deathlydollies13 by :icondeathlydollies13:

:bulletred: TO THE WINNERS :bulletred:
Please contact the artists per private message for your prize!

It's been quite a fun prompt this time and I really enjoyed seeing all your entries! Now, how about we have some tea? xD

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scribblemog Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2021   Traditional Artist
Hey, is this group still active? I'm a big SH fan, and am looking for a good group. Sorry to bother you if not.
Demico-Art Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2021  Professional Filmographer
Hello! It's still active albeit slow.
Windmaedchen Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2021  Professional Interface Designer
Sort of, sort of. We still get submissions and new members but not so much discussions or comments here. It's been some time since we did a contest, though, I might check with my co-admin to see what we'll do next. :)
scribblemog Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2021   Traditional Artist
Great! Thank you for replying.
TakaraiIzumi23 Featured By Owner May 27, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
can't submit my art in folder. how i can submit here?
Windmaedchen Featured By Owner May 29, 2020  Professional Interface Designer
You should have several options to submit a piece to our group. There is a big "submit" button under the group navigation and smaller + button on the top right side when you are inside a particular group folder.
And of course, when you personally submit a piece you can instantly add it to our group and choose the folder/category into which to place it.
TakaraiIzumi23 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok, thanks for the info :love:
3lem3ntary Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2020
Hi there, my deviation was declined the other day and I'm curious as too know why. Sorry if this comes across as rude
Windmaedchen Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2020  Professional Interface Designer
looking at your gallery, you have only writing in there? We do only accept the first chapter or into to a fanfiction, so the author must make sure to add links to the following chapters/work to allow people to continue to read.
We also quickly check out what work it is and may apply some personal judgement on how we perceive the quality of the work to be. Dabbles and not proof-read texts will not be accepted in the same way we don't accept scribbles and untidy artwork. :) Hope that helped.
Kind regards, Windmaedchen
3lem3ntary Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2020
Thanks for replying as it helps me know what too submit in future. Okay, that makes sense, again thanks for responding
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