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A group for people who love Sherlock and John (Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman)

BBC Sherlock Holmes and John Waston on their bromance, friendship or slash
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Parentlock Rosie's Lullaby It was 7pm at 221b Baker Street. The moon was shining brightly and the silence of the cars drove down the street.Inside the flat, inside Sherlock's room, John Watson was getting ready to go to an army reunion party and meet up with some of his old friends he knew from the army. As John put on his army jacket and looked at himself in the mirror he wasn't sure that Sherlock could manage raising Rosie and after going through losing Mary and moving in at Baker Street, he still wasn't sure if he made the right choices.As John took one final glance in the mirror, Sherlock calls to John" John the taxi's almost here you ready? John says "I'm coming". As John walks out of Sherlock's room he opens the door of his door very quietly and looks at Rosie sleeping peacefully in her cradle. John smiles and blows a kiss to her and then walks into the living room seeing Sherlock working on his computer. Sherlock notices John in his army uniform and says to John, "You look great". John says thanks and asks Sherlock " Are you sure you can look after Rose while I'm gone we've should have got Molly to join you. Sherlock then stands up and says" You listen to me John Watson. When you and Mary welcome Rosie into the world, you personally asked me to be godfather and so far I'm doing great. Sure you should me how to hold her, give her a milk bottle and show what baby monitors do but look, when Mary passed away, we both made a vow to raise Rosemond and we're doing fine. Sherlock then hears a horn outside and looks outside the window and says: ah the taxi's here now go enjoy the reunion. As Sherlock walks John to the door John says "Sherlock". Sherlock says " John, that's an order". John replies with a sigh "yes sir". As John goes down the stairs he try's to put on a confidence face and hopes Sherlock would do fine. As Sherlock watches the taxi drive down the street with John inside, he then looks around the flat and says I got the whole flat to myself. Sherlock smiles and says a quick pj change and to the kitchen!A hour has gone by and Sherlock is in the kitchen doing experiments wearing a lab coat and goggles. As he writes down the last bit of notes he suddenly hears crying from a electrical device. As first, he knew it wasn't his mobile because his phone would always beep from Lestrade if there ever was a case but there was none at this time of night. He then suddenly remembered what John said about baby monitors and heads over to the baby monitor by his computer and sees it flashing red and hears Rosie crying. Sherlock then goes into his mind palace and pictures what's going on with Rosie trying to crawl away from monsters. Sherlock then pictures himself playing his violin scaring the monsters away. Sherlock come out of his mind palace grabs his violin and says confidently" The game to get rid of those monsters is on!" Sherlock quickly takes off his lab coat, and heads to John's room and sees Rosie in her cradle fidgeting and crying. Sherlock turns on her nightlight which shows colourful roses moving around the ceiling. He puts his violin down on John's bed and picks up Rosie wearing a light pink flower all in one and says, "I know little flower Sherlock's here shhh shhh" Sherlock rocks Rosie gently and Rosie calms down and looks at Sherlock and smiles. Sherlock then starts singing a lullaby while holding Rosie. "You are still awake and it's way past your bedtime. Your father and I made a vow we have to keep. So when the roses commence to bloom to across the sky, I'll count them all until you fall asleep. Sherlock puts Rosie down in her cradle and sits on John's bed and starts playing a tune on his violin. Rosie sleepily tries to grab Sherlock's baton but she missies. Sherlock plays his violin while singing the lullaby and looks at roses on the ceiling . "The first little rose bloomed high in the sky and was off to the land of night. The second and third were close behind like three little peas in a pod. The fourth little rose was to shy to bloom. He bloomed by the moon instead. The fifth little rose didn't bloom at all. He must wait longer instead. Number six looked around as confused as could be. He wonder where his friends would be. He bloom hard as he could as soon he saw his friends he grew and grew and finally bloomed in the sky. Sherlock then pictures Rosie crawling to the roses in her pjs. The next little Rose was the littlest Rose. So little for such a big reach. Though she tried with all her might, she soon tired out and the littlest rose was asleep. As Sherlock finishes the final note on his violin, he looks Rosie fast asleep in her cradle. Sherlock smiles, puts down his violin and tucks Rosie with the blanket and sings the final line. "The littlest Rose is asleep. Sherlock kisses Rosie on the cheek and says goodnight Rosie sleep well. Sherlock then yawns turns off the nightlight and falls asleep on John's bed.John arrives back at Baker Street and opens the door holding gifts from his mates and a slice of cake for Sherlock. Mrs Hudson opens her door and says "Evening John had a good night?" John says "Yeah it was good. How was Sherlock?Mrs Hudson says "You missed Sherlock playing a beautiful tune on his violin to Rosie".John was confused and asks Why would he play his violin at this time of night?" Mrs Hudson smiles and says "Look for yourself." John heads upstairs unlocks the door and heads to Sherlock room and says Sherlock I'm home. John notices Sherlock is not in his bed and says "Sherlock?" John hears light snoring from his room and opens the door and see's Rosie still sleeping in her cradle and see's Sherlock sleeping on his bed holding his violin. John smiles and sees why Sherlock played his violin. John grabs Sherlock and tucks him in his bed and says quietly Well done Sherlock good job....
Restrained by TheCeruleanFeline
MTA Ch. 27 (sneak peek) by Time-Moose


SUPERWHOLOCK COSPLAY MEETUP StanLees LA Comic Con by Cosplayfangear SUPERWHOLOCK COSPLAY MEETUP StanLees LA Comic Con :iconcosplayfangear:Cosplayfangear 10 1 CASTING CALL Ask SuperWhoLock Panel Los Angeles CC by Cosplayfangear CASTING CALL Ask SuperWhoLock Panel Los Angeles CC :iconcosplayfangear:Cosplayfangear 17 0 Chibi Anime Sherlock and Watson Button Badge by Cosplayfangear Chibi Anime Sherlock and Watson Button Badge :iconcosplayfangear:Cosplayfangear 7 0 Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock (BBC) by Dzikawa Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock (BBC) :icondzikawa:Dzikawa 280 35 John Watson is too short by Zellisart John Watson is too short :iconzellisart:Zellisart 143 13
Hi I am one of the founders of the SCADT acting group. The group is made up of people from in and around the Glasgow/Renfrewshire area, who have a passion for acting, directing ect. We have decided to make an online video series based off of our favourite movies, tv shows, plays and books (fandoms) and put in our videos what we wanted to happen in the story (OTP's, gender bends, AU's)  
Ps we are always looking for new members! If you are from around the Glasgow/Renfrew area and want to join us please contact our team at
:iconcrimsonromancex:CrimsonRomancex 0 1
My clever idiot part 8 [teenlock X reader]
'The roaring cheers of the crowd were deafening, making the ground bellow high stiletto heels jut and writhe like a wounded animal. Off in the distance you could hear the rhythmic pounding of a gigantic drum over the ruckus audience;
Boom, Boom, Boom.'
How does the writer create a menacing atmosphere in the opening paragraph?
What. The. Fuck?
Throwing you're pen down, you let out a low, frustrated grown. How was anyone meant to answer these questions?
You let your eyes rake over the other questions, listed on the yellow sheet in front of you.
'The water below did not shimmer or gleam nor even seem to move in the light of the midday sun. It was dull, stagnate. The indigo colour lacking in some of it former luster.'
How does the writer show his feeling of impending doom through his description of the pool water?
... Impending doom? Where the hell had impending doom come from? For crying out loud she was describing water!
"How the hell is anyone meant to get this?" You asked under your br
:iconcrimsonromancex:CrimsonRomancex 11 10
Sherlock John endormi version 2 by KaoriJade Sherlock John endormi version 2 :iconkaorijade:KaoriJade 6 2 John Sherlock Endormis by KaoriJade John Sherlock Endormis :iconkaorijade:KaoriJade 4 0 Carte John Sherlock by KaoriJade Carte John Sherlock :iconkaorijade:KaoriJade 0 2 SHERLOCK BBC FANZINE by KaoriJade SHERLOCK BBC FANZINE :iconkaorijade:KaoriJade 1 10 Sherlock vu par MA_SAMBRE by KaoriJade Sherlock vu par MA_SAMBRE :iconkaorijade:KaoriJade 10 9 Sherlock et Watson Tome 2 by KaoriJade Sherlock et Watson Tome 2 :iconkaorijade:KaoriJade 20 2 Johnlock Violin by Vani-Fox
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Johnlock Violin :iconvani-fox:Vani-Fox 18 4
Palits, Bilbo and Sherlock by pakrek Palits, Bilbo and Sherlock :iconpakrek:pakrek 6 0 My Johnlock Sketch 01 by MarFitzherbertFletch My Johnlock Sketch 01 :iconmarfitzherbertfletch:MarFitzherbertFletch 4 0

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson

This group is dedicated to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson from BBC's Sherlock :D

Also it is devoted to the relationship they have weather its bromance, friendship or slash. Its whatever you fans think or what you like :D

How to submit your art or fiction
Join the group.
Go to the gallery after acceptance.
Click on 'submit art' and choose which deviation and the correct group to place it in.

If this does not work the first time, try again but if it still doesnt work message me.

Make sure that you stick to the guidelines set by deviantart.

BBC Sherlock Website -…

Benedict Cumberbatch Online -

Sherlock Holmes - Science Of Deduction Website -…

John Watson's Blog -
Original source found here ->…

Steven Moffat: Sherlock made Benedict Cumberbatch sexy
Co-creator of hit BBC detective drama says the meeting of part and actor made geeky appealing

It was playing pondering polymath Sherlock Holmes that made Benedict Cumberbatch a sex symbol, according to the co-writer of BBC1's Sherlock, Steven Moffat.

"It wasn’t like, in all fairness, anyone was salivating over Benedict before he was Sherlock Holmes," he told the University Observer when asked about the newfound popularity of the show among women. "It's a meeting of part and actor I think that makes geeky sexy."

Moffat admitted "Sherlock is probably the first time that the Sherlock Holmes demographic has been female skewed" but he noted that "he’s [Cumberbatch] not the first handsome man to play Sherlock Holmes, oddly enough."

Cumberbatch recently topped a poll of over 27,000 readers as the most desirable television star to take on a Valentine's Day date, receiving more than 12,000 votes to beat former Doctor Who star David Tennant into second place.  Fellow Sherlock star Louise Brealey - who plays lab technician Molly Hooper - came top of the female poll with 1,625 votes.

And so perhaps the words of Sherlock's very own Irene Adler are true: "Brainy is the new sexy."

Original source found here ->…

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