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Whispering forest

An older photo from last weekend :3 
I made this summer dress for Lisanna and wanted to take some photos right away~ I'd really need another pair of shoes for this girl too, the ones she has now are more fitting for autumn and winter ^^;

It was such a pretty and warm day, though all the brightness made it a bit difficult to see where to focus with the camera lol


Lisanna is Withdoll Angela and belongs to me
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May 18, 2014, 3:17:19 PM
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GuteNachtKuss's avatar
aw you have an angela too? *_*
she's so lovely!!
I would never get a idea to give her a mohair wig but it looks awesome! *_*
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I surely do x3 Angela is probably my favorite MSD sculpt ever, I'd even love to have a second one... >////<
Oh yes I wanted fluffy hair for her, so that she'd look more like a kiwi bird :meow: Mohair wig was just perfect for my plans~
GuteNachtKuss's avatar
kiwi bird *.* how cute! omg..
I've a angela too^^ in tan skin
but I've some bonding problems like you with your onyx^^;
I'm not sure, if I should do another face-up or something

how do you like her?…

I've much more dolls then I show here, because I only submit photos that I found good enough vor DA XD

You two are so talented! I wish I could visit you for some lessons xD
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Waaah she's so pretty! :heart: I was actually originally planning to get a tan Angela, but the elf version was sold out before I was able to order and then I found this NS one from DoA, decided to get her instead ^^ You could try another kind of faceup/styling for your girl if you're having bonding problems?

Awww~ Well I think we wouldn't be that good teachers... Most of the time we're pretty much just fooling around and laughing XD
GuteNachtKuss's avatar
Oh really?
Could you imagine to get a second one in tan?^^

I've no bonding problem with her anymore after this beautiful shot *_*

Princess Tahmina
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Actually maybe... I've also thought about another Withdoll girl in tan, but I think that WD no longer offers the brown tan skin in urethane resin, only the UV resin >.< I've never seen it in person and it looks so shiny in photos that I'm not sure if I would like it... Is your Angela urethane or UV resin?

Oh I'm really happy to hear that you're not having bonding problems with her anymore!! :heart: She looks just gorgeous in that photo :heart: Why have I not seen it in my message box even though I'm watching you ;___; Stupid dA for not working properly... Is her outfit made by you? ^^ Those golden details hanging from the top and belt look wonderful, I wish I could find similar golden things for one of my girls too~ So far I've only managed to find such things in silver color and it would be a pain to paint them to gold ^^;
GuteNachtKuss's avatar
She has UV Resin.
to be honest, I'm not a fan of it
as you said it's a bit like plastic.
But with a coating if wont be that bad^^
Her Face is coated but her body not yet

Yes I made it by myself^^
it's two years ago, I bought it on a fabric market
but I don't like it alot xD the coins are amazing but the rest of it looks to shiny
in september the market is here again, I could searched for it if you like^^
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Oh I see! I actually wouldn't have guessed that she has UV resin, she doesn't look that shiny at all in your photos D: People who like French resin seem to like the UV resin as well, but I don't like the shine and transparent feeling at all ^^; I prefer the resin to look matt and feel a bit rough.

That'd be lovely ;___; We don't have anything like that here...
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BlankqueenToo's avatar
What a lovely and delicate girl she is! The dress looks wonderful on her. :) Love the way the branch create their own art in the background. :love:
sherimi's avatar
Oh thank you :love: Yes it's one thing that I love about outdoor photos that the backgrounds seem to be living their own life and form art of their own~
BlankqueenToo's avatar
I totally agree with you there. I'm determined to take my dolls out more too this summer. You're definitely providing me with a lot of inspiration to venture there. ;)
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Oh great to hear if I've inspired you! Looking forward to your outdoor photos then x3
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She looks so sweet! Beautiful dress and flowers in her hair, so adorable! =P (Razz) 
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Thank you so much :meow:
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Aww onpa nätti tuo mekko. Ihanan kesäinen OuO
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Kiitoss x3 Kokeilin vaihteeksi vähän uudenlaista mallia, ettei aina tule tehtyä samoilla vanhoilla kaavoilla.
Froceit's avatar
Ole hyvä :33 Hehe joo on se hyvä joskus jotain uutta kokeilla : D
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