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Little wonderer

Please excuse the boring portrait shots... I just love that wondering/surprised look that Angela sculpt has so much, it's perfect for Lisanna's character~ In her animal form she's a little brown kiwi bird and I've always found kiwis a bit sad-looking, but curious and wondering at the same time :meow:


Lisanna is Withdoll Angela and belongs to me
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I really love the clothes, she looks really great! I think you did a great job styling her! :)
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Thank you so much! :) I've seen quite many Angelas out there (it might even be one of the most popular sculpts from WD?) and it's really fun to notice how different the same sculpt can be made to look! I had wanted a MSD sized mori girl for quite some time and Angela was the perfect choice for that x3
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I did at one point want an Angela for myself because she is really pretty, but I bought a Priscilla instead. I have never seen someone turn her into a Mori girl like you, so yeah it can be really interesting to see what people can do with their dolls. I am happy you managed to find the right doll for your vision.
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I like your girl, she's one of the cutest Priscillas I've seen :3 I like that sculpt too, I'd probably want to get one if my gf didn't already have a Priscilla which I love to pieces~

And generally there are quite few mori girl inspired dolls around! I'd love to see more~ It's hard to find suitable clothing and shoes for the style too, not many companies seem to carry that kind of stuff..
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Oh cool! Thank you so much I am happy you like her! :D I see that is fair enough, Angela is beautiful though! I am actually a really big fan of the WD dolls and I can imagine getting more in the future.

There are some mori dolls about, one of my girls dresses in mori sometimes actually. It is a really pretty style though and I can see why people like it. I find you have to mix and match stuff and find things that will work as a general. I think you have done a wonderful job with your girl though.  
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I like their dolls a lot too, mainly the girls. I could imagine getting a few more, though at the moment I try to focus on the SD size.

Oh I'll need to check pictures of your girl! And thank you :meow: I've actually sewn all of her clothes myself and the headdress is made by my gf, but if I had to find all the stuff from different stores I'd probably be quite lost XD It helps when you sew most things...
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I mainly like their girls, but I have a very strong bias for girl dolls since I only own girls ^^; I also only really collect MSDs. ^^;

Oh cool, both you and your girlfriend have a lot of talent, you both have made really pretty things. This is my girl Ki:… I am not fully strict with the Mori style though, but character wise she puts on a bunch of things she likes the look of and wears a lot of layers. She doesn't like fancy clothes either.
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It's a lot easier when you only focus on and collect one size, I have different sizes from 12cm Puki all the way to 80cm Mecha Angel so.. ^^; 

Aww your girl looks really sweet! ♥ Wonderful outfit~
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Lovely color palette in these shots! Lisanna's earmuffs are super cute too.
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Thank you so much~ I had almost forgotten that I had those earmuffs, luckily I found them by accident just before I went to take the photos XD
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aww~ i like her face expression too! ^3^ <3 what a sweet girl~ :heart:

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Thank you so much Michi~! Excite  I don't like so many MSD sized dolls enough that I'd like to own them, but this sculpt is so cute that I could even imagine owning more of them ^^;
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