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Tutorial - Soft Character Shading


Next lesson: Faking a "3D" look for a simple character illustration. My god I hope this makes sense. (I didn't want it to drag on for ages haha)


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Thank you so much for all these tool tips :heart:
kitiaramajere's avatar
saving all your stuff for when I actually have time to sit down at the tablet (hah)
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Cool tutorial and easy to use. Started to use some skills I learned in this tutorial and improved my art quite a bit. I also made a deviation following the tutorial step by step cuz it just looked so fun and easy.
[link] to deviation ;D
really nice, thx for making this tutorial =D
Blaze-5's avatar
Good tutorial^^ this can help me since I'm still learning
ANTI-caustic's avatar
Wonderful tutorial :D i especially like the part where you add lights to the areas with darkest shades, really cool!
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The bear is super cute :3
Morbidouce's avatar
Great tutorial ! Thank you :)
iiibrokeyhu's avatar
The end result is so cute! :la:
FallenShadow000's avatar
Instant fav; I need all the help I can get if I'm going to ever do digital. Thanks :)
CARNIV0RE's avatar
I really like this easy and simple color tutorial - will definitely need to try it out sometime! :thumbsup::nod: Thanks so much for sharing! :):heart:
Stolen-Dreamer's avatar
I love the idea of each section having its own layer, but couldn't you get a similar effect by colouring with gradients?
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The bear is so cute.
AaronQuinn's avatar
You might wanna invest in learning about photoshop features more. Look up clipping masks and locking transparent pixels. Would make the tutorial much better.
Sheridan-J's avatar
Yes that's definitely another good way to go about it, and I would use Clipping Masks in my professional work. However I wanted to keep this as simple as possible for more beginners. But you have given me an idea for another tutorial, so thank you :D
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Ooh, wow, the finished product looks really nice. I'll have to try this. Thanks for sharing! :>
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Damanyel's avatar
thank you so much. with work i might be able to color something that looks nice! thank you.
Twerka-Trever's avatar
Thank you I love you forever! :D I've been wanting to get this effect for a long time and now I can!
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