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Tutorial - Soft Airbrush Usage


Next lesson: The Soft Round Airbrush and a select few of its wonderful usage! Personally, I rarely use this in my paintings, but I still favor it for more Graphic Design-like projects or anything technical such as logo design, special effects and post-rendering touch ups!

Photographic stock used in Step 4 by bean-stock…
Another example of using the Soft Edged Brush seen in 1. SELECTION SHADING: Tutorial - Soft  Character Shading by Sheridan-J


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I can't thank you enough for this! Very helpful! :la:
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Great tips, thanks!
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This will help me set up special effects. thanks
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Thanks. So interesting to see.
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I like this, but the last example doesn't seem very good to me. Probably looks better on a drawn window — on a picture of a real window, it just looks fake, or like someone outside is shining a giant and powerful flashlight in through the window, not like the sun is shining. The photo already shows the sun shining, add light rays is superfluous.
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Thank you for the tutorial. I've tried to understand these basic concepts, but for some reason whenever I would look for a tutorial on them the tutorial would be really confusing for me, but this really simplified it for me. Thank you so much.
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you really help use alot
thank you for your all Efforts
you really do alot for us
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For years I've been utterly confused,
and no one really bothered to explain,
because it probably seemed obvious to everone but me. ;;
Thank you!
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Thanks for the tutorials
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Thank you for the tip, I'm goin to try it out ^^
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Very nice tips here. Loved the light through the windows part a lot. Will be very helpful.
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the sun rays effect might be pretty useful. thanks
inazumafan11's avatar
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This is great! Now shading has become easier, thanks to this knowledge! ^^
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This is so cool; thank you! C:
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This is a really helpful tutorial! :D
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