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Self-Portrait -Sheridan-J

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Time for a self-portrait!

Yes those are Matrix Reloaded sunglasses. And that is a Lord of the Rings ring. I know, I'm a nerd :lol:

Hi-res up for download this time if you wanna see some more detail [link]

David Nagal's skin texture and highlight brush pack worked amazingly well for this!

Photoshop CS3. About 9 hours straight based off a photo my dad took for me to reference from! Looking at the photo at such a hi res, I noticed little freckles and spots I never even knew I had :lol:
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Manlarr's avatar
I am amazed. Your ability to use depth of field this way makes it look exactly like a photograph.
Maruraba's avatar
I came here from your Handsome Jack painting and a few others in your gallery. But THIS... wow. This is truly impressive. I can hardly tell it's a painting and not a photograph at all unless I look at it quite closely. I'm blown away by how amazing you are at portraits. I look forward to seeing more of your work and checking out the rest of the gallery!
jstreel's avatar
No way! It must be a photo!!! :omfg:
No?....oh myyyy.... Awesome!
ZinkTheFirst's avatar
I like this vurry much.
StaticBat83's avatar
ApS-Art's avatar
Hello master!
I write here to tell you BIG, very BIG Thank you for your amazing works, more particularly William Fichtner Art! You are the best painter i have ever met. Thanks
Sheridan-J's avatar
Nice to meet you! Thank you for your lovely comment :D
William Fichtner rocks!!!
Emontero's avatar
Very nice details..
Nimeo14's avatar
Some parts looks a bit glossy, but honestly yours is the skill to capture an image of a person in an art forever.
Sheridan-J's avatar
I need to flatter myself :XD:
Konimous22's avatar
Did you draw this?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! And do you take requests???
rgbench's avatar
really amazing details!!! honestly i feel envy with your breathtaking work.
CrystalGreene's avatar
i still cant believe this is not a photograph. bravo, grasshopper.
Zeke-01's avatar
I actually thought this was a photo... Jeebus.. I love the amount of detail. >:3 (as well as the little dorky quirks. Totally rad references!)
CrystalGreene's avatar
looked at your glasses tut. great stuff. I'm always trying to paint everything because i feel like cheating if i don't. but the tools are there! i should use them! Sometimes I forget that being an artist also means finding the most efficient way to do something with the tools you have at your disposal.
AJInu-Okami's avatar
Holy moly! This looks so realistic :O This looks so amazing!
Sagakarikikkaru's avatar
How the hell is this a Painting? This looks like a photograph... How do you make it look so realistic? But seriously how did you get your art to look so realistic?
Sheridan-J's avatar
Zoom in, and work it pixel by pixel! :)
amy-ivelisse's avatar
I dream to be as talented as you!!!
Myrethy's avatar
You're really pretty... :) And I love your fan memorabilia!
ponceto's avatar
But ?!?! You're 'photoshopped' !! LOL :-)

Really impressive ! You gave me the desire to return to the drawing after 15 years without practice. So, I have done it and I have created a devianart profile ... I have some WIP things (all of them are not actually published), not at your level of skill, but you were the spark to restart :-)
notnaalberts's avatar
wow awesome stuff you do... PS. thanx for the lama badge
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