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Portrait painting Process

By Sheridan-J
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Another WIP shot of one of my portraits.

Lines> Color> Shadows> Detail> Textures

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So amazing! The end result is so perfect that it looks like an actual photograph!
tatear's avatar
KuLLerMieTze's avatar
wow... great work Ö.Ö
sir, do u paint it one by one using ps? im sure its a lot of work to do... anyway, i really admire ur job here n its amazing..!! very nice.. : )
Panda-Cat's avatar
Painted? Amazing!
gforrydesign's avatar
It's always great to see how others work. Your end results seem to suggest to those not in the know that it comes easy.
This progression shows that there's a ton more work involved than many may think. : )

For most, the difference between steps 4 & 5 may not seem like anything... but in reality it's a lot.
Stopping @ 4=great; going to 5=exceptional!

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Thank you so much :D
You're absolutely right too.

And people tend to usually stop around #4 and call it done. But for me that's really the halfway mark because I tend to get really pedantic with each detail and spend the most time polishing it off xD

I mean, you've gone that far, why not just keep going? Hehe
irismuddy's avatar
Great! thanks for sharing :)
ruderos's avatar
awesomeee, great lights!!
NaokoTabeuki's avatar
holy cow! wow! you're amazing!! i wish i could realistic paintings on photoshop!!
Moose-sama's avatar
how many layers is that o3o
Sheridan-J's avatar
Usually 2 layers. One for the lineart, One for the color underneath, then I eventually merge them together and do more details.

It feels more "real" if you get what I mean. Like a traditional painting, if you make a mistake, just paint over it :XD: Plus it works better to blend the colors and build textures (and my poor, laggy computer thanks me for it too!)
Moose-sama's avatar
doood when i mess up painint i just spoolsh my paints all over cuz i get so frushtratedddded....thank god for computers...HA
7377's avatar
That is sad, I need to buy you a new computer haha.
Sheridan-J's avatar
Hehe yeah I'm saving. Nearly there!! :D
assporn's avatar
lordy...that's amazing!
rachelkpoulain's avatar
I'm so glad you posted this! The portrait is absolutely beautiful.
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