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Please Say Hello To Me

Sad Will Smith from I Am Legend
Awesome (but heartbreaking) movie!
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Why is he so beautiful
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I cried at that scene. Seriously
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I love and hate this movie all at the same time. The scene where he has to kill Sam is horrible. But to see how he stays strong and protects the ones he loves is awesome. As your pic. AWESOME.
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Well... I see that commets like "WOW!" are already here - and I'm not surprised. But... wow!
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love you Work!!!
That was a sad moment. Loneliness can make you crazy. Shame. Nice work.
Sommum's avatar
OMG....... O_O
Leathurkatt-TFTiggy's avatar
Very awesome movie. I'm not someone who likes Zombie movies really, but this, this was just epically awesome. I think it's one of Will's best performances.

As a side note, have you seen After Earth with Will and his son Jaden (14 at the time)? That boy looks a hell of a lot like his father, and he's been showing a strong set of acting chops since the new version of Karate Kid with Jackie Chan. Definitely someone to watch for as he grows up and steps into more roles over time.
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You are an Artist in deed! love it.
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Isn't this right before one of the dummies turns on him and lures him into a trap by the not-Vampires?
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Holy shnikies son!
Lefthandedhero's avatar
I need to watch this again! It's been so long. Poor dog :(
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J-Skipper's avatar
Love it!!! you have a gift! also I agree "Awesome (but heartbreaking) movie."
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Awesomee...How do you know where to shade and all egs??
use the photo as reference too?
Sheridan-J's avatar
I use a photo reference :) Preferably a High Quality one so I can see ALL the little details and things :D
boke-chan's avatar
Right in the feels
graphic-d-ziner's avatar
this is amazing man
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