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Painting Realistic Eyebrows!


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I got a request a little while ago on a quick run down on painting Eyebrows! It's not much, just my two cents on the study and technique :)

I suppose this can apply to girls eyebrows too- Just keep them thinner and more shapely. They still grow in a similar fashion, just more..... plucked :lol:

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Thank you so helpful

Tetrodoxin's avatar
Thank you so much for this eye brow tutorial! :)
There's heaps of eye tutorials, but not many for eyebrows! Thanks for posting.
Bloodsong13T's avatar
if i didn't mention it before, you are a life saver!!!
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mm-reads's avatar
Your tutorial is one of the best I've found. Thanks!
IVbenjamin's avatar
This is helpful thanks :D
badlilmunkee's avatar
Thanks so much for creating this.
erickreillyart's avatar
This looks most helpful. Thanks!
SneakyRaccoon's avatar
Very well done! I love your style. Another little comment: they look sorta like Mark Harmon's eyes and eyebrows.
fantastic! I wanna have a try!
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Whoa I love your art style!!! <3
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awesome tutorial! i love eyebrows!!!
and in the first pic.. those arent chris meloni's are they?
Sheridan-J's avatar
Thanks :)
Umm...I think they're Jason O'Mara's eyebrows in the first :XD:
Fairchild12's avatar
lol welcome.
apparently they have similar eyebrows!
ObsidianSickle's avatar
Do you have any tips for drawing eyelashes too?
Sheridan-J's avatar
Umm...eyelashes are pretty spontaneous. Just observe photos really closely, and see how they grow. It's best to paint them in with a 1-2px brush :)
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clumsydemonwithfire's avatar
wow, this is really, helpful! thank you for sharing! :D
Sheridan-J's avatar
Wastelander7's avatar
Very nice! Thanks for all the work :D
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