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Painting Hair -Part 3: Texture

By Sheridan-J
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I have found that getting a nice amount of texture through a head of hair is as important as texturing and detailing the face in general :D

Here is the brush set which includes that neat texture brush!

Part 1: Painting Hair - Part 1: Intro by Sheridan-J Part 2: Painting Hair - Part 2: Base by Sheridan-J Part 4: Painting Hair -Part 4: Detail by Sheridan-J

SoA - Charlie Hunnam by Sheridan-J
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Thank You!!

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nice tutorial. Great job!
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Now I know WHY I got deja vu watching trailer for AC4.... geesh girl ya painted Edward XD Some smaller changes and tada XD
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I am sorry to sound like a moron, but I was looking for the brush and I can't find artist's comments. *headdesk* Please don't kill me! I love your work and if you could point out the brush to a ditz that would be fab. Haha!

Best regards!
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Here is the brush set by Rahll than has the Textured brush [link] :)
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You are my heroine! x3

Coincidentally, I saw Jeff Dunham on TV tonight o_o; innerestin'.
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i gotta try this
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Amazing tutorial! Hair it´s terrible for me >.< By the way, how do you get the hair texture? It´s fantastic!
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I use the brushes mentioned in the Artist Comments :)
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woow i loved it
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omg :la: it's unbelievable
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thanks so much for making this, this is really going to help me improve
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great tut, thank you so much for sharing, very precious info,

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