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Painting Hair - Part 2: Base

By Sheridan-J
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Part 2:

TL;DR = Start with midtones- next do dark tones- next do lighter shades- next READ IT

Part 1: Painting Hair - Part 1: Intro by Sheridan-J Part 3: Painting Hair -Part 3: Texture by Sheridan-J Part 4: Painting Hair -Part 4: Detail by Sheridan-J

SoA - Charlie Hunnam by Sheridan-J
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Thank You!!

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Can you give us the brushes if it's okay with you? :)))
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Silly me should have included the links! :doh: Hehe.

I mostly use the default Photoshop CS5 brushes already there (hard edged airbrush, bristly brush etc.)
But I favor these particular brushes very greatly too! My Brush Set + Pore Brushes by Rahll
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heyas, sheridan!

can you give an idea which brush you use for which step?  i tried a hard-edged airbrush for the shadows and a bristly brush for the highlights, but my highlights didn't cover my shadows : X  (i have a very light touch anyway.)
oh, and are you working close-in or more further-out/general on each step...?

thanks a bunch! you rock!
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Thanks so much for these
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What an amazing tutorial. I love how in-depth you go while explaining your method of painting hair.
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Just amazing tutorial. I will need to practice a lotttttt to achieve a great result. Even though, that is the way we learn, isn' it? Thank you for the tutorial!!!!!!!! now time to practice.
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And I thought I was good at shading and hair.... Wow. It's so awesome!
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What are the names of the 3 brushes that you use? I'm not sure which brush section those first two brushes are in! Thank you~ ^-^
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Does the same concept apply to black hair?
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Yeah. What I would do, is start with a medium grey, and bring the tones down as I go.
It's just easier to see where you are going with your brush strokes :) I hate working on solid dark colors.
tsunayoshi949's avatar
Yeah unfortunately, I have to do a self portrait for class and i have black hair. :/
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So helpful, thank you so much! :D
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I only run PS 7. Those default brushes don't exist in my version. What other brushes do you recommend I try to get the same results?
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I had the same problem with PS7 as well- there wasn't a great amount of quality brushes, and people have started making cool brush sets in the later CS programs that are only compatible with that.
You're gonna have to look around and see if you can find something sort of grungy but hard round-like too :giggle:
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I was afraid you'd say that. There are mountains of brushes to dig through on this site. Ah, well...nothing to do but look. Thanks for the prompt reply!
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I'm sure you'll find something sooner or later. Something with a bit of grunge/jitter in it :)
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Pretty interesting tutorial. It's great that people share their techniques and help other deviants out like that ;)
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It's how I learnt :#1:
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This is just what I needed, thanks a lot for making these! :love:
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