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Painting Hair - Part 1: Intro

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Part 1- Intro to my hair painting tutorial.
More details in the next few parts! I promise :)

Any questions; feel free to ask  :lol:

Part 2: Painting Hair - Part 2: Base by Sheridan-J Part 3: Painting Hair -Part 3: Texture by Sheridan-J Part 4: Painting Hair -Part 4: Detail by Sheridan-J Facial Hair: Painting Facial Hair- Long by Sheridan-J

Tutorial - Soft Airbrush Usage by Sheridan-J

SoA - Charlie Hunnam by Sheridan-J
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Thank You!!

ratatat16's avatar
Great tutorial. Could you upload a video demo on YT as well? 
Alex-FW's avatar
mmmmmm. Charlie Hunnam! Drool ABSENCE OF MIND. :superlick: Its Hot Ovaries Destroyed ovaries GIF 
Oskua's avatar
Wonderful tutorial, thanks for share.

So one question, what palette of color use for blonde hair?
Chocolate--IceCream's avatar
Really great tutorial! And one of my most favourite portrets!
When I first saw your portraits - it was a shock! :happybounce: 
I wonder what resolution you use while drawing portraits, like this one?
Neighya's avatar
Looks like a great tutorial! Thank you for sharing.
CarolinSajur's avatar
This is awesome! '3'
rotsentu's avatar
Great tuts. Looking to develop my skills and  think this will help a lot. 
badlilmunkee's avatar
Excellent hair tutorial. Thanks.
nellroshe's avatar
Great tutorial. Thanks!
llugs's avatar
Finally, a good tutorial for drawing hair. Now, time to practice. Thanks!
adamnitin's avatar
shut uppa your face?!!!!
TychoDorian's avatar
This is a FANTASTIC tutorial. So far all the ones I've seen weren't very detailed but this is great!
Sheridan-J's avatar
Thanks so much ;) I tried to do something a little...different haha :XD:
TychoDorian's avatar
It really is helpful. I think just looking at it from a different perspective helps a lot. :)
Artbyspirite's avatar
Thank you very much for your very good tuto !!!
InArtCreation's avatar
I have much to learn... thanks for this.... :highfive:

Educaster's avatar
Thank you for providing a starting point for creating hair of my own :-)
AngelusNoir's avatar
omg!...:faint: *You* = "all kinds of awesome"..:love:!:w00t:..this is seriously helpful,you're a photoshop god!! :worship: ........yes, I DO have several unfinished WIPs with hideous hair.....thankyou very much!!:rofl:]
Izzie-Kikue's avatar
Extremely helpful ~ Thank you so much for sharing!
Beth-Loves-Mick's avatar
What kind of hair brush do you use?
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