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Painting Glasses - Quick Tutorial

I've had a few people ask me how I render my glasses and get them looking so neat and smooth on a few of my portraits. is my technique!

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wow, awesome tutorial.thank you sooo much!!
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how do you do the tinted lens? I can do normal transparent glass, but tinted lenses is so furstratingly difficult. I don't know how to make it looks transparent and still tinted properly.
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Nice, simple, well explained - top! 
CreativeCountryGirl5's avatar
This was a great and simple to follow tutorial now I know how to get the perfect line without mucking my drawing up
Meka-karam25's avatar

really helpful thx!


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Do you know how to make it magnify the skin/eyes? I've been trying to work on it :c
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Thank you for making this~
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This is so helpful! I needed this badly! Your technique is simple but extremely affective! THANK YOU!
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nice thanks for this :)
ajha100's avatar
Thanks so much for sharing! Nice, easy to follow tutorial as always (though I suspect I'll have to work a little bit harder to get similar results). :-)
mangonomnom's avatar
woaaaaaaaaa i didn't realize there were so many details to worry about ><!! thanks for the tutorial!
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Great tip. Thanks you.
ObscuroArcanum's avatar
A well written tutorial; clear, and such good tips! Thanks for sharing :)
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Thanks for the compliment :)
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Zukofangirl16's avatar
Oh my god, I never would have thought of using paths and vexels for inorganic objects. How handy!
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Gotta keep em neat! :D
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