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Neytiri's Tears

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This was my first idea I had to paint for an Avatar piece, but I went with the Jake version first and decided to do this one later.

Based off a screenshot (from Once again, putting a different spin on it and this is how it came out.
David Nagal's skin texture and highlight brush pack worked amazingly well for this too!

Photoshop CS3. About 10 hours on and off over the last week.

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Roses by KmyGraphic your beautiful Deviation is sooooo breathtaking Wow by KmyGraphic and now featured by :iconeyecatchart: in a special folder

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Congratulation by KmyGraphic and    Sending Hugs with Parrots by JassysART-Stocks
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Love how you captured the emotion!
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One of the things I love about Neytiri's character design is that she features some very inhuman traits - the huge yellow eyes, long pointed ears, feline nose and oversized canines - yet manages to convey a wide range of emotions, and to do it so convincingly that the viewer can't help but empathize with her as a person, human or not. You've captured that beautifully here. You have done an excellent job capturing the texture of her hair and skin, including the bioluminescent spots. I especialy like the flames reflected in her eyes - you don't need to see more than her face to know that whatever is happening, it's bad, and the way you've captured her expression carries her emotions straight to the viewer. Fantastic job!
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Thank you very much!
I absolutely adored Neytiri! :D You are spot on about her here!
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Thank you very much :)
your art is beautiful.
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that scene in the movie... so horrible :'(
beautiful drawing!!!
Wow! So it's very... awesome! :D
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Love this. Very beautiful! At first I thought it was a screenshot lol
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Beautiful, powerful moment!
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The eyes are amazing.
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I t looks like the real thing ISH LOVE!
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No problem Have you seen the new movie they made it is the one called the "Life Of Pi"?
It is such a good movie!;p
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I've got a copy of Life of Pi, and been meaning to watch it soon! It looks amazing :clap:
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it is i cried at the end you shall soon see why
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Alrighty, think I'll pop it in tonight :D
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this is sooo good (:
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