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Taking my new Wacom Bamboo tablet for a good test drive. Already worn down a nib 1/3 of the way. Is that supposed to happen? I only ever replaced my Graphire nib ONCE in its 10 year lifespan. Not good enough, Wacom. Not good enough :grump: EDIT: Just discovered a solution; ripped the plastic surface off my old Graphire and stuck it over my Bamboo. Now it's a Graphire again! Yay! But I'm still gonna try out a LCD "screen protector" film cover soon. Just for comparison :D

Anyway, have some Michael Shannon! This is an all-round tribute to the kind of characters he usually plays; he nails the crazy so damn well (Take Shelter, Revolutionary Road, Bug, Premium Rush (to an extent) and many more).
So I thought an awesome style heavily influenced by JP Valderrama and Russ Mills was more than fitting for a one off piece like this!

Photoshop CS5
8 hours or so (after a failed first attempt)
Airbrush + Texture brushes.
Dodge/Burn and Sharpen/Blur for finishing touches!

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Wow fantastic it!