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Kim Coates - Sons of Anarchy

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One of my most tedious portraits yet. Excuse me while I go die in a corner now.

About 30 hours in Photoshop CS5. A good amount of time was spent trying out different colors because the photo ref is in black and white only ( [link] ) so getting it looking as natural as I could was pretty challenging.

Lots of skin texture brushes and detail :)

I was dreading the leather jacket, but it was actually quite easy. I just painted in the tones as I normally would with the airbrush, then put a leather texture photo over the top and worked it in with a little Doge/Burn tool for the highlights and shadows. Couldn't be happier with the results!

And smoke effect with some awesome Smoke Brushes by ~Falln-Stock [link]

Leather texture: [link]

P.S - Lens Flare :lol:

2011 version.
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Calling Tig strange is an uderstatement
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that smoke. OMG i love this show.
Hi I believe (Steve Bawden) is using one of your images as one of his own. He is also using some of mine. I have complained to deviantart. If I'm correct I suggest you do the same. Check it out.

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wow amazing work
holy shit this is EPIC!!!
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now that is a bad ass... wow is all i can say!!
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Tiggy is my favorite :) I love the picture :D
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hahaha tig!!!!! lol hes cool
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OMG i thought this was a photo when I clicked the link. amazing job!
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Awesome!!! I love it!
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You're very welcome :D
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amazing. as an SOA fan, this is just amazing.
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amazing work
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