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Jonah King - DRIVE ANGRY

Accompanied with this WIP video


Billy Burke as Jonah King in the upcoming DRIVE ANGRY 3D! Yeah I know I just did one for him, but when you have 2 nice pictures and can't decide which one to paint...why not both? :XD:

Had a blast with this one :) Some great natural lighting to work with!

And I'm really digging painting sunglasses too.

Photoshop CS5
Airbrush, LOTS of Dodge/Burn and tool for detail and Sharpen/Blur tool for finishing touches! Worked on this straight over one rainy, flooding weekend.

Also with the help of David Nagel's Photoshop Skin texture brushes!
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Hi, I really love your art and this drawing is just awesome
I wanted to make a drawing similar with a pony and I wanted to know if i have your permission for c:

thanks ♥
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By all means, my friend :)
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I hate this guy but the epic drawing deserves a fave :D
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that is unreal! or extremely real to put it better you have a serious talent there
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I See the video...ah yeah is too easy to i know how to do .-.
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Your shadows and highlights are totally amazing. Even with a reference getting the effect you have with this is damn hard. I am totally in awe. Just wow, you have some amazing skill and a talent for shadow and light that is rarely matched. Keep it up!
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Thanks so much :)
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this is amazing.... but i need to know, for how long have you been practicing digital painting?
Please tell me
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I've been doing Digital/Photoshop art since 2004 but didn't take up serious digital painting until 2006.
I started painting detailed portraits around early 2010 :)
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Oh god. That's digital? It's AWESOME! A LOT of details! *w* Nice job!
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The hair looks beautiful :D <3 <3 <3
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can't believe someone can digitally paint like that! well done
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wow i almost thought it was real, and then i saw it was plasticish..
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Woah. That is impressive. I thought this was a photo at first. The work in the hair and skin textures are amazing. I love the shading and the expression on his face. His nose looks a bit far from his lips, but I don't know the person, and it's possible that he just looks like that XD Overall, beautiful piece!
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Hmm... He looks like Tayler Darden)
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Tyler Durden* from "Fight Club"
Sheridan-J's avatar
Yeah I know who you meant =P
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