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Tim Roth trolling The Hulk :laughing:

Ref: [link] . This one was rather tedious. Referencing from a screenshot is always tricky. Due to the pixelation and resolution, you can't really see the details (even if it's a high-def bluray rip) so I had to wing it quite a bit. Luckily I did those first 2 portraits of him haha.

And more sparks and embers. Can't go wrong with sparks and embers! :#1:

Photoshop CS5
Airbrush, Dodge/Burn tool for detail and Sharpen/Blur tool for finishing touches!
Also with the help of Photoshop Skin texture brushes! Crucial tool for something like this! :D
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Really amazing!
I love this actor and this picture is... WAO! *__*
How much did it take to do that?
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"trolling The Hulk"?
 Sounds hurt xD

Thanks for art, very realistic)
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Holy crap! This is awesome!
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oh my! i am your fan !!! its perfect! it can't be true and i don't believe my eyes! but i love your works!!!
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Thanks so much :D
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This should be in the Tim Roth group here on DA. Jesus, that fang of his is so adorkable :la: You're a TR guru, I'm telling you.
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Hahahha, Thanks :)
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IT'S WONDERFUL!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!
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love it. lie to me xD
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How does this magic even happen? Why can't I be cool like you ;n;
Sheridan-J's avatar
Haha, practice, dude! :D
reaIitybites's avatar
I wish I had time to do such a thing.
it never ends.
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Don't worry, it will end and you'll never feel better! :D
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