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One of the most badass chicks to ever grace the screen! :D

This was meant as a quick warm-up piece so I kept it pretty loose and didn't add as much detail as I normally would. I thought it just adds to the comic-book character feel. Or I was just lazy. :lol:

Soooo....does anyone know of any good tutorials/references for painting blood? I just can't figure it out! If you do, drop me a message/link. It would be much appreciated :D
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She's attractive! :)
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This is an amazing piece of work!  Cx
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She was badass in Kick Ass 1. But in 2nd one... Not so much. Still I really liked her.
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Agreed. The novelty of a 11-year-old chopping people up and swearing like a sailor was amazing. She was more of a teen in KA2, so I guess it lessened the impact of it all :nod:
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You got her expression to a t. Perfect
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Absolutely beautiful. Love the expression.
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Is it possible to buy this great piece you created?
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Kick-Ass 2 TRAILER 1: [link]

Kick-Ass 2 TRAILER 2: [link]
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Wow that is epic, awesome,amazing! and you did that with digital art! :D Fantastic well done
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This picture touched my heart. I love Chloë Grace Moretz in all her interpretations.
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awesome movie! KICK ASS!! ill support you on fb!! here is my link too...
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This looks pretty good.

I think someone might've lifted your work, though... [link]
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Hahah, love it :XD:
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Nice work... :)
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WOW! =o I'm speechless! WOW! YOUR AWESOME AT THIS XD =P Never ever stop devianting =)
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I love her <3 HAHAHA anyway thanks for the badge. AWESOME GALLERY SIR!!!!!!
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Come on, we all know that Hit-Girl is the kick-ass of "Kick - Ass." Beautiful Work, Take Care - my Friend.
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love her hair! XD
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I was planning on being Hit Girl for Halloween! This is amazing. :D
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