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Edit: REVENGE PORTRAIT ---> :evillaugh:

Now with better lighting!

Awkward pause?






Careful, Icarus...


Not my best, but I did what I could with a such a low-res photo reference >.< [link]
The more I look at it, I feel a little...meh over it. I think I may have to do another of him sometime down the track :#1:
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I love this man!

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this looks just like a photo... exept it has more detail :D
magnificent job! ( i even used a word i dont know just to describe its awesomeness...)
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AWESOME!!! i love him soooo much! what a great picture!
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super sexy! and SO welld done! i can't even grasp how such detail is accomplished. so i applaud you! :clap: for capturing his handsome charm so well
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LOL Craig just loves making that face when he flirts or says something dirty :laughing:
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That's the look :rofl:
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Craig Ferguson ROCKS! Not only is he funny as hell but also a huge Doctor Who nerd, like me.
Bravo on the painting. Great job!
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Hey, I like it!

...I didn't think Craig Fergusen was very popular, to be honest. ^^;

Nice job! :dummy:
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Not your best??? this is Flawless.....
In your pants!
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:) You're Welcome!
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He is younger than the reference, maybe thank you for him ^^
Very beautiful work!!!
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Craig has to be my favorite late night show host. ♥
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He's trying to stare at my crotch! :love: :love: :love: Craigyfergy! Very awesome painting :D
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Anyway, great drawing for sure! :wow: The added lighting seems a bit unnatural, though.
It's not because of the way that you drew it, no, I'm just not used to seeing him under much any lighting. :lol:

Oh by the way, have you ever been to Alaska?
Come on. You know what to say. :D

Now do Geoff! :la:
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