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Basic Cel-Shading PART 1 (Visual)



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As promised to a few people, here is [half] of my tutorial for basic Anime/Cartoon shading.....known as Cel Shading (like animation "cels").

I thought it would be nice to do something a little different this time. If I recall correctly, this was the very first technique/style I learnt when I took an interest in Digital Art back in 2004 :) It is quite a simple beginner style to adopt and a great way to just get the hang of your Digital Art program!

Still Image of this:

So I am very happy to share what I have picked up over the years!

Now this is a VERY basic walkthrough. I used Adobe Photoshop, but these techniques should be applicable to other art programs such as Paint Tool SAI, Coral Draw, GIMP etc.

All I am basically using is the Paint Brush, and the Lasso/Free Select tool, so you can find them in whatever program you choose to use! This is solely about the technique rather than my fancy-ass PSCS5 features!

Tools:: Photoshop + Mouse (No drawing tablet required!)
Time:: 30 minutes.
Anyway, I hope this is informative!

(Original lineart provided by the wonderful StMan)
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Hi there ,in level 3 you mentioned lasso tool and "Fill" , what do you mean by " Fill " ?