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Badass Harvey Keitel

Just a quick exercise to tune up my skin texturing (I was trying to figure out where I went wrong on my last portrait and why I struggled so much haha)

Only time for half a face with Christmas coming up and other things to do! :rofl:

Photoshop CS5
About 15 hours over 2 days (that's quick to me now =P)
Airbrush, Dodge/Burn tool for detail and Sharpen/Blur tool for finishing touches!
Also with the help of Photoshop Skin texture brushes! Crucial tool for something like this!
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You nailed it. Now let's get a taco.
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Congrats, you got :iconbadassplz: cool badge for this creation in :iconwhispermewish: group.
This is badge for most coolest art in our group.
You can find your art in Badge-COOL folder in our group. ;)
Also this your work have chance enter in our Gold Star monthly finale where you can earn points for your work too. Good luck. :iconcool-smileplz:
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That's 20 minutes away, I'll be there in 10

Best Harvey Keitel quote ever!!!

And this is down right amazing. O.o
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Hhaha, it's definitely up there with; "So pretty please. With sugar on top. Clean the fuckin' car" :rofl:
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Hehe yeah!

"just because you are a character, dosen't mean you have character" XD
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cool! Harvey Keitel is an underrated actor. this is great.
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Nice lighting and textures on the skin. Great job.
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Thats amazing!
and in 15hrs thats crazy quick, the realism is just awsome (same with the rest of your gallery!!)
Wish i was that good, i can't draw faces to save my life.
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Awesome hope you can post your work in progress would love to see those. :)
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Beautiful! The details are amazing. Great job :clap:
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badass indeed!
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This is simply grand! :clap:
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this is too fucking awesome, your work and the great Harvey Keitel!!
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mind blowing! you should do a tutorial video on your methods, I'd totally buy it.
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I got a few up already :XD:
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Nicely done again Sheridan..... :) Merry Xmas mate
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