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Amber Heard - DRIVE ANGRY

The impossibly gorgeous Amber Heard! (Pineapple Express, Zombieland and DRIVE ANGRY 3D)

Based of this lovely photograph: [link]

Hair was a pain in the ass to paint, but I figured out a little method I may share in another tutorial :D

Worked on this over 5 or 6 days.

Photoshop CS5
Skin texture brushes, dodge/burn, blur/sharpen- go nuts with those tools! :lol:
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Back then I thought she was pretty cool :(

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Its pretty interesting how people can change for the worse right?

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Yup. That's Hollywood for you :/

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THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING! Amber heard is like my #1 woman crush this is awesome!
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Wow that is amazing digital art always amazes me, wouldn't know where to start myself lol.
XxPinkSparklesxX's avatar
She looks so real! =D
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truly amazing! you really captured her beauty
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WOAH i thought this was actually a photo.
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..Until i saw your texture tutorial :)
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Wow, this is amazing.
Beautiful! :D
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What a Beauty, love the hair,especially how it differs in color :D
:love: those hair and the entire picture !
Theres not much more to say :D
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Thanks so much :)
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Its a Pleasure ;)
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Amber is so beautiful <33 well done!
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