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These are the Skin Texture brushes I use when I'm painting portraits to capture that epic realism! This is just an example of how awesome and simple they can be, and how much of a difference they can make!

Download Brush Pack----->…

There's many other brushes made by this guy, but I haven't had a chance to get around to trying them all out yet.

Other examples of their use:
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srcriticon's avatar
the link is dead bro, re upload pls
DANKDLEL's avatar
LonelyPegasus's avatar
amazing , thank you!!!
I love your delicate tutorial. thank you !!
IVbenjamin's avatar
Ooo brushes! thank you~
badlilmunkee's avatar
Thanks so much for this awesome skin texture tutorial.

Unfortunately, I don't think those brushes are compatible with my CS5. But, this tut really gave a lot of food for thought.
MCVisuals's avatar
I used the brushes here [link]. Your tutorial helped me a lot. Thanks !
Sheridan-J's avatar
samwdean's avatar
I cannot open the download link ):
Arg.. would really like having those brushes ):
Mohiniel's avatar
I used your brushes in my Dr. Horrible's pic [link] , thanks for sharinh :la:
RipperBlackstaff's avatar
But how do you know which color to put ? for the brush, I mean. That's my main main main problem. :/
Sheridan-J's avatar
I sample a bunch of base colors off the reference/photos, then just add more shadow/highlights and ajust the color as I go :)
demonk95's avatar
are these brushes only compactible with adobe photoshop or can i use them in other digital painting programms, e.g. opencanvas, too?
Sheridan-J's avatar
Just Photoshop, unfortunately :/
demonk95's avatar
hmm, well... I think I will "buy" it sooner or later ;)
Prue84's avatar
Interesting! :)
gemini-art's avatar
I got the brushes. Thanks for the link. Just hope I learn to use them as beautifully as you do.
Sheridan-J's avatar
It's just a matter of getting the right tones and blending them :)
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