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Adding Patterns to Clothing!


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Here is an overview of how I would apply texture/or patterns over clothing.

This example is looking at a pinstriped suit pattern... but I'm pretty certain the same principles would apply if the cloth was say, checkered or tartan. I haven't tried it out yet, so let me know if it works for you!

It also doesn't have to be for a "realistic" style to. If you have a cartoon-like illustration or semi-realistic, it's a good way to get a consistent looking pattern going on!

Also there is probably a shit ton of spelling/grammar errors in there...but whatevs lol
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PENN and TELLER by Sheridan-J
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thank you! I guess this post is a bit old but it was very helpful to me this week!

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Hello! Thanks for creating such a good tutorial! I am an aspiring artist and YouTuber and your tutorial was featured in one of my videos:…

If you like it and are a pay-it-forward type of person, I would appreciate a little help getting the word about my channel out. Anyway, keep up the great work!

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This tutorial is awesome! :love:
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You just saved my life. I have a Doctor Who commission myself. And yikes!
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Very, very helpful! Thank you so much!!
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Wow. I didn't know this o_o!
This is so smart 8D
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Thanks so much for sharing your awesome knowledge with all of us.
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I never thought of using the warp tool for patterns - but it definitely will make it easier to create patterns than to hand paint them (that's why I avoided patterns whenever possible ^^). I have to try this out, it looks so much easier and prettier than hand-painting patterns - thank you for sharing this idea.
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Very cool tutorial. I can use this info in one of my upcoming projects!
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Me like, this is useful for drawing too~
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This was a huge help! Thank you - I used it here [link]
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Nice one! Looks very natural! :D
phxwhite's avatar
Thank you - your tutorial was very helpful
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Your tutorials are helping me a lot! Thank you very much, miss (:
Sheridan-J's avatar
Glad to hear it :)
Super !!! Thank you.
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Awesome tutorial! Thanks for sharing. :)
Wastelander7's avatar
Very cool tut! Thanks! I use other programs but, I'm pretty sure I can use a similar technique in my programs. :D I appreciate it! :D
Sheridan-J's avatar
How you bend and warp it around the fabric can probably be done a few ways, but the key here is making the pattern yourself, really :D It can be applicable pretty much anywhere!
Wastelander7's avatar
Indeed! And thanks again! :D

(still love Homer chasing Bart btw ;) )
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