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Yeah, I didn't plan to do this from the start, so getting all the portraits in there with chunks of their heads/hair cropped off was tricky :lol: I had to extend a lot of them to give them a smoother fade out/transition haha.

Anyway, I dedicate this to everyone who has watched/supported me through my "Avengers Poster Challenge!" :D

Photoshop CS5
10 hours or so to plan and put together
100+ hours all together over three weeks with each portrait.

Airbrush + Texture brushes.
Dodge/Burn and Sharpen/Blur for finishing touches!

All hand painted (except some of the lightning bolts from "iStockPhoto" and "Getty Images")
The little figures standing down the bottom were reffed off the official promo artwork(s).

Wonderful Lens Flares from: [link]

Using Lens Flares:

More Single posters:

Edit: Thanks everyone for the feedback (especially on my dodgy shading job for Black Widow.) :lol:
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I think they should have worked on it a little more, but if you can imaginary complete it as a lower case d and upper case A. They just edit them to look like a
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This is amazing
The details in the faces which u can do like a Boss and colors, all perfect

Do u do requests or commissions?
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I love the picture! Great that the Avengers stopped Loki from killing more innocents I am a dummy! 
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Amazing work! Heart 
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Loki is amazing! Well done :) And Tony looks gooooood too :D
nishagandhi's avatar…
your work is featured here on my blog :)
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Thanks so much!! :love:
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Trying....not to...fangirl... <3 that is sooooo well done! I especially love the way Bruce is slightly hulk
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hi Sheridan, not sure if you are aware but there is a gallery in LA which focuses on a lot of showcasing independent artwork based on movies/tv etc. They just did an avengers line-up. Looks right up your alley, you might want to check them out and drop them a line. Heroes Complex Gallery
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Woa awesome! Thanks for the heads up :D Will definitely be checking this one out!
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you are completly awesome!! the pics are great!!! love them all *-*
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C'est vraiment magnifique wow...j'aime beaucoup! :) Comme quoi, les nombreuses heures passées dessus n'ont pas servis à rien et t'ont permis de faire un travail remarquable!! <3
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Wow amazing!!
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Something is very off about Black Widow's face. Looks nothing like Scarlett Johansson
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I WANT this poster. :: Drools.:: So epic!
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Wow! very nice  :) (Smile)  Love Clap 
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