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2003 vs 2012

By Sheridan-J
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What a fun way to start the new year :D

One of my very first digital paintings/portraits done back in 2003 :pointandlaugh: And that painting is the actual 100% resolution I worked at too haha. Such a newb. lern 2 dpi

(This was also the stuff I was -oh so proudly- carrying around my portfolio when I began applying to art schools/courses. No wonder more than half knocked me back lol) :facepalm:

I'd also like to thank my watchers (new and old), friends and just those passing by for supporting me over the years and making what I do all the more worth it!! I could never have done it without the on going support and feedback of the dA community! :thanks: /cheesy

Dylan McDermott by Sheridan-J <-- 2012 pic.

Make it happen, man! -->
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mazakouwarrior93's avatar
this gives me hope....
cutekittygwen's avatar
Wow the best improvement i've seen so far!! the after is literally flawless
JenniferAl's avatar
This is so inspiring. I hope one day I will improve this much.
Linstock's avatar
You give me hope.
laelaps-hound's avatar
Wow! This is a really inspirational piece. This seriously gives me way more confidence to just keep trying :)
clear-as-night's avatar
This image is such an inspiration to us all that strive to ever improve our work! Amazing stuff as always!
tigereyes13's avatar
Is that chuck norris
okijp's avatar
Holy crap!
What an improvement!
They both look great, the "after" is like.... EXACT!!!
duzetdaram's avatar
Mizidora's avatar
I agree this is really inspirational to see what hard work and persistence can do! :clap:
Phantisma's avatar
So amazing, what a huge difference! Very inspiring! ^__^
That's what I do as well compare my very first work and one most recent the different is very wide! it's show how much better you are now.

Lespecialie's avatar
9 years 'till perfection, but I think it was worth the wait.~~ I love your work!
Sheridan-J's avatar
I'd hardly call it a wait; Not if you enjoy every moment of work you put into it :XD:
Time flies! :D
Lespecialie's avatar
I completely agree! Years of hard work then :D
Sapelak's avatar
SO good. i love seeing progress memes.
Robo-Sushi's avatar
damnn this gives me hope for my future in skills!
Sheridan-J's avatar
Haha, see? There is always hope :rofl:
Hortensie-Stone's avatar
Wow, that's some major improvement. :) I love looking at old stuff I was so proud of from a few years ago and laughing at younger-me. I should really get on board this meme thing. Looks like fun.
I've been advised not to include digital artwork in my University portfolio as it's not highly regarded but I'm ignoring it. :D Digital art is a true art form god damn it!
LadyLaveen's avatar
cant wait to see your pictures in 2021!! There gonna be amazing!!! : DDD
This is very encouraging to me too because my drawings kinda look like the 2003 one now .. :P
so, Thank you!
pencilmeetspaper's avatar
what did you use to blend the skin?
its so freaking amazingggg lol :D
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