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#05 CAPTAIN AMERICA -masked-

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Here's an alternate Captain America... this time with mask! I was reluctant to put his mask on because I felt it would break the chain of portraits I have currently going...but I actually really like it :lol:

Photoshop CS5
20 hours or so + another 4 for the mask!
Airbrush + Texture brushes.
Dodge/Burn and Sharpen/Blur for finishing touches!

Wonderful Lens Flares from: [link]

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"These posters....I like them! ANOTHER!" *smashes laptop*
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Incredible !!!
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did you by any chance happen to now about the twitter feud between Chris Evans and the KKK nazi scum david duke? . . .…
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This is ten kinds of awesome!
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Hi just wanted to let you know I featured this on my blog. Thanks for letting me use it. :)
posted at [link]
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WOW. THIS- THIS IS AMAZING :icontheyfoundmeplz:
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4. Captain American is so bad-ass!
DarkerEve's avatar
Your Avengers tribute is one of the best I ever saw, amazing work with Evans :worship:
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Thanks so much :)
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Beautiful stunning work!!
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ohmugod!! i just went through all your avengers work and its just toooo amazing! though this one of captain america is spectacular id like to see one without the mask :) id like to see how you work with his hair :) amazing work for each character
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Thanks so much :) There is already an unmasked version :XD:
Dicegirl14395's avatar
lol! yeah i noticed it after!
Dicegirl14395's avatar
lol! oh wait never mind i found the one without a mask! lol! AMAZING JOB!!!!!
nerd-in-a-tanktop's avatar
I think I just died. Your work's amazing.
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lol. love the stars touch! XD your work is amazing!
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That's just awesome... Those sparks in the background really highlight the epicness!
mus1cify's avatar
man, that's a dorky mask and even if it was the coolest it'd never be as awesome as the face underneath it.
GiggleBunnys's avatar
Stop hiding you beauty!!
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