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Hawkeye has some serious l33t skills with his auto-aimbot mod there :XD:
HAXXXXXX! :shakefist:

Photoshop CS5
15 hours or so.
Airbrush + Texture brushes.
Dodge/Burn and Sharpen/Blur for finishing touches!

Wonderful Lens Flares from: [link]

#02 #03 #05 #06 #08 #9000

"These posters....I like them! ANOTHER!" *smashes laptop*
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G0warri0rfans's avatar
I'm not going to ask for another, cause all i would ask for is Hawkeye. He is my fav Avenger. Your so good.
ThunderWarriors97's avatar
I really love the eyes! Awesome job!
WushuKhanKu96's avatar
When he was under Loki's influence. Very cool effect on his eyes!!  :D :clap:
CatZ37's avatar
Holy crap! Love what you did with the eyes!
superwholock99's avatar
the world honestly needs more artists like you like holy shiz this is amazing
Eroticshade's avatar
Hi. Have you seen my new ad for my second book's cover? I'm willing to take you up on $250 now. What do you think? Just apply if your're interested, and please we can talk on this offer. I have six more book covers to make and I think you definitely qualify for this contract. Thanks.
LadyRhianwriter's avatar
My friend who loves Jeremy Renner is gonna faint over this! Really awesome!
Rainwolf21's avatar
Oh that electric blue glimmer in the eyes still makes me shiver a lil.  Awsome work
SocQA's avatar
Fantastic artwork, really awesome. Nice effect with the eyes. That would have been one damn good movieposter in the cinemas :nod:
KingdomKat03's avatar
I especially love your touch on the eyes here:heart:
Fb-PHE13's avatar
That is awesome! :iconamazingplz: Wonderful job! Gah, the fangirl feels. >w<
JDLuvaSQEE's avatar
THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lightninglana's avatar
Wow that's good(and he's my fave avenger)
raddily's avatar
I LOL at "These posters...I like them! ANOTHER!" *smashes laptop*
InvaderBloodnut's avatar
Daystar-Art's avatar
Hey there, it's Feature time: [link] :)
mbellana's avatar
I like it *////* and I like He hahaha kjsahjskas
LokiTesseract's avatar
MEEP. Hawkeye.
Daghrgenzeen's avatar
Gotta love your artwork, and omg Hawkeye. <3
BlackAsMoonlessNight's avatar
Sheridan-J's avatar
He was actually pretty cool!
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