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#02 THOR

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"This drink...I like it! ANOTHER!" *smashes glass*

My second installment to my Avengers Poster series....and personal favorite dude out of the Avengers.


Photoshop CS5
20 hours or so.
Airbrush + Texture brushes.
Dodge/Burn and Sharpen/Blur for finishing touches!

Wonderful Lens Flares from: [link]

Wonderful, original ref I built from: [link]

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"These posters....I like them! ANOTHER!" *smashes laptop*
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Legitimately thought you uploaded a picture, this looks amazing! 😍
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''Thoreal because i'm worth it'' thor says while flipping his magically long hair into lokis face then struts away XD 
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Great work :iconmonkeythumbplz: "These posters... I fav them! ANOTHER!" :D
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This painting....I like it, ANOTHER!
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*flips over computer desk*
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...i thought this was a picture you snapped...are you sure you drew it? it's so amazing, that's how good this is, you aren't just talented you're gifted, great work :meow:
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This is amazing!!!!!!!!
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AGAIN.... WOW, THIS-THIS IS JUST AMAZING :icontheyfoundmeplz:
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1. And that's why I call Thor a sexy beast! ;)
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this is the best pic of thor ever! love the hair :heart:
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How long does it usaully take you to do a pic like this?
Its really good.
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Usually around 10-15 hours ;) I get really pedantic over the details!
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