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July 24, 2021
Finished YCH 'Pioneer's log. Arrival' (anim.) by Sherharon
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Finished YCH 'Pioneer's log. Arrival' (anim.)


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It's one of my favourite artworks, I was happy to draw it!
Finished YCH for @cedarcall330 

This is the second pic of my new sci-fi series about space rangers (or explorers).
The first pic of the series:…

:happybounce:  The next YCH of the series is here:…

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© 2021 Sherharon
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Nicely done. Hope their playing Willie Nelson songs with that guitar while waiting for permission to take off their suits.

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nice Cosmonauts!

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This is a really fun piece of "moving artwork" ! What a concept !

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OMG 😳 LOVE THIS PAINITINGGG. U did a great job. 💛💛. Btw, plz check my artwork. 😅 I hope we can chat sometime.

plant life and at least one animal...

nice peaceful place!

awesome picture!!!

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According to history and what humans did on their own planet.......this will not work out well with the native population there.

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I like it. It really reminds me of those classic B-Grade 1930s-60s sci-fi movies. We need a lot more of that sort of thing these days, rather than the gritty realism of modern sci-fi.

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One Day We'll live among the Stars ... Maybe Own a Ranch on Mars!

Wow... plantlife reminds a bit of Felucia, but the overall likeness to 'boyscouts in Western territory' brings it even close to Bradbury:clap:

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Tut-tut, that's cross contamination! Oxygen-nitrogen levels may be acceptable for processing through your lungs and air pressure comparable to a G1 level planet so it won't crush you, but you have no idea what pathogens are present your immune system is not evolved to handle - and vice versa! All this for a weinie roast and you may have inadventantly caused a planetwide pandemic that will annihilate 90% of all life on this new world based on the common cold! Great first contact, brilliant lads, NASA's finest!

very nice. I like the warmth this gives off.

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Fantastic work!!! :clap: Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!! :)

For My Personal Use Only
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With good reason. For all we know they had already contacted a local alien pathogen.

Awesomely Magnificent

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