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EDIT: MY friend K_T is at it again! Here's his Sac Anime video that covered everything featuring music from Eyeshine and my 2 other cosplays and epic Rickroll!… Please like and subscribe to K_T's stuff, he does amazing work and it's only going to improve from here on out! Support the awesomeness!

Hello everyone! So yeah, I'm horrible with updating other journals. I'm pretty lame I guess, sorry! I actually have a few videos to post and a I'm going to post a pic or two from Sac Anime, I actually didn't feel I got hardly any good pictures from that con, I was too busy cosplaying! So let's break this down...

Sac Anime
Friday - So my only cosplay so far had been Snow at Fanime, I wanted some more but had no money... I did have a suit however, and no more than $30 to spend on stuff. So I got some sunglasses with orange lenses and painted the frame white then some fake fur close to my hair color and to finish it off I took some thin cardboard cut it out and used a black marker to color the two pieces. I then gave myself fake sideburns with the fur, taped the cardboard 'eyebrows' on and threw on the sunglasses. With my black suit, white shirt and black tie, I was... Captain Armarao from the infamous anime FLCL! It worked well and pics/video soon!

Saturday - Final Fantasy gathering at 2pm so I went as Snow that day up until 3:30pm when it was just too hot and I switched into my 3rd ever cosplay... Something that literally cost me $0 to do since I had everything already. That was (also very infamous) Rick Astley! To be honest I had the most fun being Rick! Also I helped K_T with an interview with Eyeshine and the lead singer and famous voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch!…

Sunday - I went all day as Snow and got to make this AMAZING video with the help of Romero and Charmie! Thanks also to Yuya and Danielle! You're all awesome! Video link HERE:… Check out Romero's other vids for Sac and other cons too and give a shout out if you're featured!

Alright so that was about that, met a lot of new people, had a blast, got 2 other outfits under my belt, and I was featured in an incredible video! So what's this about New York? Well as some of you guys know I'm moving to Chile soon, that date is actually now set to October 19th! I'll be spending a week in NY before I leave with a bunch of friends I have over there and it just happened to work out that the comic con will be going on at that time! So yeah, I'm pretty psyched! My time in the US will be going out with a big bang of a week! My friend K_T will be joining me for the week in NY and coverage for the con! So any suggestions for cosplay I should do? :O Let me know! Thanks!

Also one last thing, I finally took the plunge and got a Facebook. I'm only using it for two purposes though:

1) I have a blog about the ministry work I'm going to be doing down in Chile. I signed up for Facebook because it's just easier to use it as a front for my blog so people will actually read it, it's easier to let people know when I update it that way and almost everyone I know is tied into Facebook in one way or another. It's pretty heavy though on my personal life and really meant for my close friends and family but it's open to the public so feel free to check it out if you want!

2) To keep in touch with my friends! Yeah, it's just too rough trying to use DA and email to contact EVERYONE. Facebook just makes it easier, just send me a message through there and I'll try and get back to you! Don't expect many comments from me on update statuses or anything though, but you never know. I already disabled all my notifications to my email so I'll only know if someone sent me something when I login, Facebook is just too spammy with emails!! Edit: I also won't really be seeking people to add, but hey send me a pm here for a FB add request and I'll friend you.

So that's that, thanks everyone! NYCC will probably be my last con in the US for a while! Hopefully I'll be able to fly up for Fanime, but that's a $1200 plane ticket! Oh and one more video link since I didn't post it before which is also done by K_T, our 2nd Fanime video!…


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yuyamaki771 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011
Justin! :D
Omg I haven't heard from you in so long!
How has it been? How about NYC?
Sherbertine Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011
NYC was pretty great! :D I have been meaning to do another journal post but I've been busy. I've been down here in south america now for over a month and it's been great! Beautiful people and a beautiful place down here, everyone has been really awesome. I'll have to do another journal post here on DA soon since I know K_T put together a little NYCC video. We only made it to Saturday but it was really fun!
yuyamaki771 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2011
Glad to hear!! A lot of my friends went to NYCC actually lol! Can't wait to see the video~ Oh post pictures I want to see! :D I heard south america has a bunch of waterfalls actually hehehe
Sherbertine Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011
Nice! Yeah NYCC was just really cool. The video link is here: [link] I'll have to update my journal before I get everything! Really wish we could've spent more time there and done a bit more research on who was going to be there and when since I missed some people I would've like to have met in person. Chile is pretty amazing, I'm making some videos myself down here, I'll post them when I get all the footage I want and put it together. It's been a lot of fun and I've made some awesome friends already. Can't believe it's been over a month! :O I've yet to see any waterfalls though! I'm living in a city called Viņa del Mar "Vineyard by the Ocean." It's kind of like a Santa Cruz/San Fran/San Diego type of place.
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darkphantomhive Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011
Thank you for vising my page wonderful Snow cosplay its wonderful C:
ClaudiaSutton Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2011
Hi hun, I just wanted to let you know I featured you on my blog a while back. It took me a long time to find ya online. :3 Do you remember meeting?


Sherbertine Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2011
Hey! Thanks for the feature! You're actually the first page I found online while searching for photos of me and my friend Sazh! I'm proud to have been part of your favorite selection! I'm going to be at Sac Anime as well this weekend! And I met sooo many people at Fanime, it was my first con, we had literally hundreds of pictures taken of us, if I saw you again I might, sorry! T.T Thanks for the llama too! My first badge, whoo! :D
ClaudiaSutton Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2011
Oh really? Cool. And you didn't say hi, awww. :cry: I hope you had fun at Sac Anime. :aww: That sounds very cool.

I was the girl with auburn-red hair that stop you two in the hall and asked you a ton of questions about your costumes. (perhaps everyone did that though haha) If your friend has a website, I'll give him a backlink too. Perhaps he has a DA?

Hurray for the first llama! :w00t: That one is special.
Sherbertine Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011
T.T I'm sorry I don't rememeber, I talked to a ton of people through that whole con, and I totally would have said hi at Sac if I knew you were gonna be there! My friend doesn't have a DA or anything. He's not that computer savvy, I even had to set up an email for him. XD He's awesome though, things are always more fun with him around. Check out my latest journal post for what's up!
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OerbaKatMieke Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2011
I tagged you~
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