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Red Dragon

This is my first Dragon in my "Book of Dragons".
I not yet was able to draw a real background. Somehow that does not function, or I do not know how to do... But this Background will be standard in my Book. I find it shows well with this Blood on the Old Paper. The dragon itself gave a quantity of work. (insp. D&D) At least two until three weeks work... A long time.. i know XD
First I want it without Outlines, but then it looks like Plastic^^ Therefore I let the lines.
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I think its an amazing idea and I was curious, May I use this picture in my new story for World of warcraft?  It looks Awesome and it fits well, Thanks in advance! -R
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World of Warcraft?  of course! :)
Thanks!  Heres a link if you want to read it!… -R
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btw, you made a little mistake with my name ;)  And I am a She not a He :)
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too stunned and speechless to say anything
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:3 <3 so wanna huggle it~

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This is absolutly beautiful! One of the best dragon I ever seen.
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Also das sieht wirklich genial aus, das war sicher ur viel Arbeit O_O
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linda sua imagem!
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Beautiful dragon! Well drawn! Respect! =)
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Brilliant work, great details! :D :spyed:
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That's gorgeous!
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what an awsome artwork the job on the face and the scales is simply amazing
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Wow, Such an impressing artwork! *____*
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I am currently working on a slideshow/video and it will contain many different pictures. Now i have found one image (which is apparently your work) on a site more specific here that I found very nice and fiting to the content of my video. Now I kindly ask if i may make use of this particular picture in the aforementioned video. It will be published onto youtube. A If my request is denied I will not make use of the picture. I do just wish to use it in the video not print it but it will be in a non commercial way. In credits and description I will make credit to your site and you if you wish.
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i love tht pic lol its awsome
Nice trace of the D&D Red Dragon.
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Great art. except for the horns.... but many people out there like them, you included i guess. love the detail.
No time like the future to send a few pictures to show a publisher. You are much better than you give yourself credit for.. just do. it. =)

I wish the tail wasn't partially gone. I think this is my fav.

Good job!
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