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How to draw Dragons Part One

By Sheranuva
A small Tutorial for drawing Dragons in side views^^
More Tutorials will come soon, i hope.^^
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thetwinsisters's avatar
serris an amazing tutorial *w* I like how you do the legs Meow :3 
StrixVitreumOvO's avatar
love the tutorial! frontal view next? pretty please?
VeraEdgeworth's avatar
You should also try the dragon in all directions to show in a tutorial If you could do that we all maybe happy about that. owo
I love dragons too somehow xD

Sheranuva's avatar
Thank you :D
I should not only try it, I should DO it! :D  So much to do!  But I want to do more Tutorials as soon as possible :)
VeraEdgeworth's avatar
lol I try to draw a dragon at the moment xD
Yes this would be much usefull for all dragon fans :3
KageKuraiNeko's avatar
could you make a 3/4 veiw?
Sheranuva's avatar
What do you mean with a 3/4 view? Do you have an exemple?
Panhead13's avatar
Could you post a front view one?
Sheranuva's avatar
When my time allows me, i'll do a Tutorial for every view :)!
Looner579's avatar
Thank-You for posting this it really helped me out.. Here if you want have a look
Sheranuva's avatar
It comes good! Stay tuned! :D
WolvesRock117's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial :) I don't use them often but I've never attempted to draw a dragon before so it really helped me out. 

Sheranuva's avatar
MinkxKed's avatar
woo I used this tutorial today! [link]
Sheranuva's avatar
That looks Great! Thanks for using :D
Whisperingfoot's avatar
Wow! I will definitely use this! :D
FlowersAndHorses's avatar
Thanks so much! I used it to help me draw this. I didn't know if you wanted to see it or not, so you don't have to look if you don't want to, but here it is. :) [link]
Sheranuva's avatar
That looks good! :D
Conway1989's avatar
Thanks, very helpful. Could you by chance post a tutorial on claws/hands/paws? Mine keep coming out looking all gnarled and down-syndromish.

Not to say that this wasn't helpful. Good job.
Sheranuva's avatar
Yes! But first i have to end my School... so you've to wait until November :s
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