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To call Jenny fat was like calling the Amazon rain forest a few trees. Ever since she had started work at Wall-Mart half a year ago, shed swelled to a size most people never believed possible for a girl as young as 23.

Some girls are just made to be larger than life, beacons of indulgence. Jennifer was the pinnacle.

When she joined the team, she could have taken the BBW community by storm. Now, she would have catered to the darkest deepest desire of the feeders.

She was pretty plump to begin with. 200 pounds of thick, curvy soft femininity, packed sensuously into her form fitting clothes.

Dazzling emerald eyes and cute chubby cheeks rounded out with a plump cheeky smile and flawless pale skin, topped off with a stylish short cropped red haircut.

Her metabolism partially protecting her from the rampant obesity, her incessant gorging deserved. But she could no longer get away with the marathon pizza/Netflix binges she was so used too. A fact she really didn’t care to consider at all.

But the free staff meals, the 30% discount on everything and her declining youth meant that she quickly became the victim of her own enormous appetite.

Her metabolism went the way of the dinosaur, and she began to fill out at a rate even the most obese, greed-stricken fatties of America couldn’t grasp.

She had always loved to eat, the euphoric feeling of being too bloated to move was something that brought her enormous pleasure. She idolized the days she spent marooned on the sofa filling her face until she moaned.

Who needed a man when she had cake drowned in custard and her soft warm fingertips?

Inevitably it also brought about massive weight gain. Before her friends could suggest the word ‘salad’, she had ballooned to over 250 pounds in the first month. Every limb thickened up, softened out and quickly scaled up the wobble factor.

Her family and friends had begun to notice her withdrawal into the self-absorbed sphere quagmire of reckless self indulgence.

Forever pigging out in her spare time, she stopped her social media input. asides from posting pictures of her special treats and after the second week was up, even her sweats wouldn’t wrap around her round curves and widening rump.

Friends became bored of watched her stuff her face on the couch and she never really cared to do anything with them, unless it involved feasting at the mall.

She was enjoying herself way too much to be worried about nasty denim pinching at her lovely lumps and threw them out immediately, flopping and scoffing about in her forgiving stretchy new spandex, or nothing at all.

(Although she did retain her old pajamas, something about how tight and soft they felt on her inflating frame gave her some pleasant shivers).

She flagrantly began outgrowing her staff uniforms in a bizarre fat-fetish kind of rate. Her work-friends, who picked at salads and moaned about going the gym couldn’t ditch her fast enough.

As if watching her unrestrained binges and the torrent of weight gain would blow them out of their panties.

The only absence Jennifer bemoaned of however was when her high capacity tummy wasn’t packed to the absolute brim.

‘the girls’ gawped in disbelief at such a petite girl committing untold damage to a figure, that really couldn’t support anymore added weight to still be called sexy.

Whilst they talked about their thigh gaps, discussed the latest celebrity weight loss programme and how much water they each drank before measly meals, Jenny’s gorging gained three times as many pounds that they lost.

Sure she used to be able to pull off the plump bottom heavy bunny look, but the rest of her began to bulge out, her fatty transformation racing into full swing.

‘Jumbo Jenny ‘they coined her, glaring in disgust as she mechanically shoveled huge mounds of downright junk past her pretty lips with the manner of a frenzied conductor.

She piled on the pounds like Leonardo painted strokes and burst through size ranges like a wrecking ball. She really was an artist of indulgence, inflating like a fat filled balloon of womanhood.

Customers cringed as they watched her tear rabid chunks out of cream filled candy bars, in between scanning their groceries. Tugging her chocolate stained t-shirts in vain over a muffin top that always bounced back.

Jiggly arms bulged from the restriction of her sleeves, eventually tearing free as she stretched an inch too far, to quiver embarrassingly in the air. Back fat started to swell around her widening frame and contributed to her girth alongside those fattening belly rolls and pound packing widening hips.

Every swelling jiggly inch she packed on added to the mounting pressure of her shirt, stretching the seat of her pants and tightening the waistband around her navel and hips.

You could almost hear the threading slowly give out, all over her bulging body during the times when she was due a new wardrobe. (which became increasingly often).

Like a ticking time bomb to every pound she gained, each countless calorie day led to the inevitable moment when she burst out of her invalid sized clothing, like some warped butterfly from a cocoon. Customers often caught her struggling to adjust herself when she thought nobody was looking,.

Whimpering with pain, she rescued the various pinching straps of her bra from the rapidly swelling array of back fat and the jelly-like softness of her underarms with one hand, while attempting to drag up the constant wedgies of her panties with the other.

She was constantly in discomfort yet all the while she fretted and cursed her tightening attire, she merely gorged herself into a malaise which calmed her down but only further added to her growth.

Jenny’s widening backside ravenously devoured every new pair of slacks she was given by the disapproving supervisor; she was fighting a constant battle. Perpetually pulling her slacks up over her butter-soft ass, it was growing so much people joked that she actually fed it.

Frequent customers learnt to avoid her as they noticed just how much room she was starting to take up, and how small her checkout space seemed to be getting.

She was taking less and less care of her appearance and often turned up to work with messy hair and food stains on the clothes she had slept and gorged herself to sleep in.

She just kept, growing.

She began to become something of a celebrity, spiteful girls and jerk off guy’s filmed footage and took snap chats of her pilgrimage towards high obesity.

“Juicy Jenny clears out the cafe” was a YouTube hit, culminating in the portly redhead eating so much cake and ice cream; she bit her chubby bottom and lip began to cry when told, there was none left...

The bulging belle was completely oblivious to the rip in the seat of her pants, that exposed her cellulite coated bubble but among her panic.

It was sliced cruelly by a hopelessly taught pair of ‘Hello Kitty’ panties, the kittens face thinly stretched and distorted by her hefty jiggling booty.

Every day you would find her in the canteen before her shift, her arse and hips gradually taking up more and more space and room in her pants as they rolled outwards, her belly forming into thick soft tires that widened and grew outwards towards her knees when she sat.

which was all the time, Eerily morphing closer to the table. The bigger she grew, the higher her plates were piled, and the more she ate, the more material and sitting space was needed to accommodate her over inflated curves, which meant she was seeing more and more of her supervisor for bigger work-gear.

She knocked back more food than most of the girls combined, full English breakfasts, were complimented by cakes and doughnuts, lunches were a hoggish display of Bulging smeared cheeks and pinching waistbands.

Cheeseburgers and hot dogs, pasta dishes and mountains of meat and cheese, she smeared mayonnaise and butter cream or gravy on everything, licking her thickening fingers with disturbing conviction.

She gorged on enough carbs and protein to feed a platoon of athletes, every groundhog day and all she did was sit on her slothful sedentary ass.

Always thinking about her next episode of wanton gluttony she regularly checked her tightly fitted watch. The cheaply manufactured chair she had begun to dwarf creaked ever louder.

Her post work dinners were astonishingly hearty dishes of home-made cooking, supplied with rich fattening deserts and thick warm jugs of cream. She obliviously failed to realize as all manner of sticky creams and custards, sugary deposits and crumbs fell into her fleshy chest, her mother however did not.

“How’s the diet going, sweetie?” Mrs Humphreys inquired, in a sad deflated tone. Knowing full well there was no such thing, shocked at the sight of how big her little princess was getting.

“Oh, super great!” her overblown daughter half lied. Now in the comfort of her own home she had no qualms about jiggling about in undersized, unflattering outfits that she ought to have replaced several weeks ago.

“In fact I’ve been so good today, I think I’ll have a treat!,

The staff cafe had been closed today and she had mercilessly raided the vending machine. Customers looked on in horror as she bent over claiming her prizes, half her impressive ass and copious wobbling hips being crushed by her ill fitting shirt that hanged out, on full display.

Such paltry snacks only served to enrage her aching hunger.

She wasted no time, hunched over and rooting through the cupboards.

”have you seen the Twinkies ma?” she turned, frantically. Her mother sighed heavily, getting a good view of her budding double chin. As well as being treated to a more than generous eyeful of her daughters Pajamas packed poundage, flooding over.

Quivering love handles gushed to the sides and her big belly roll poured out of tank top in spades as she rooted about for goodies. Pants painfully under equipped to deal with so much hefty ass and meaty thighs groaned, before her mother’s ears.“Beneath the sink dear..”

“Thanks!” Jenny smiled, taking the entire family sized box she clumsily heaved herself up off the floor and lumbered past, giving her mother an excellent example of just how much wide and round she had grown.

“Ooohh!” she giggled, “cant have twinkies without ice cream!” Her mother’s mouth hung wide open, as she witnessed her pig of a princess drag out the largest bucket of ice cream she had ever seen.

With the enormous box of creamy cakes and the humongous container wedged tightly between both fat jiggling arms, Mrs Humphreys visibly shook with terror as she beheld her rotund ballooning daughter having armed herself to the teeth with junk food.

Judging by how much of her was oozing out of her pathetic indecent outfit, this could well be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

She jiggled and wobbled up the stairs as fast as her blubber would move panting heavily, desperate to sate her slathering hunger.

Thighs quaking like thunder and the eye watering orbs of her flabby arse took up far too much space! Mrs Humphreys made a frantic note to stop buying anything remotely unhealthy

People tended to avoid the dining area when she unleashed herself. The sight of so much young flesh bursting out of a new outfit every week drew concerns among the staff.

Not that she ever noticed, utterly immersed in her own hedonism.

Not only did she stuff herself silly during mealtimes but she ensured that she stayed stuffed, by gorging on chocolate, crisps, cake bars or practically anything she could shove into her handbag during her shift.

She was so in love with her own greed. She didn’t seem to notice when she had gained over thirty pounds the following month and ripped the seat of her pants, bending over for a twinkie. (She didn’t bend over for just anything)

It was around 3 months into her job, where she began to encounter a series of difficulties. Having gained between 150-200 pounds since her interview, she was most definitely fat.

In fact judging by her height, she was already classed as quite obese.

Her youthful curvy shape had become a distant memory as she took up more and more space, she was smothered and swelling in fat and every ounce of her wobbled like an egg on her spoon, and she hadn’t even bothered to weigh herself.

She never did and that was probably for the best since she was fast approaching the mid 350 mark, the milestone of any self respecting food smitten fat girl.

Unfortunately her gluttony had only escalated, colleagues watched on in horror as she waddled down the aisles.

Shivering large buttocks ate up the fabric of her pants, throwing anything her heart (or stomach) desired into the quickly overflowing shopping basket she took home every night. Sweatpants and spandex tightened then tore, as she piggishly slurped down as many calories as her overfed body could handle.

 Her family were clearly uncomfortable at the sight of their clearly obese daughter scoffing her way out of her latest outfits like rising dough.

They looked on in dismay as the couches and dining chairs cried in their own furniture languages as Jennifer’s big beautiful ass weighed heavily upon them, her width oozing over the side and her rolls eating their way out her clothes.

She was becoming the picture of obesity. Her weight gain multiplied as she slept on so much unused sugar and fat.

Jennifer was pushing the limits of Wal-Mart’s wardrobe allocations and her supervisors thinly veiled patience, having cost the company a small fortune in uniform orders.

And this sexy fatty hadn’t slowed down one bit.

If anything shed picked up the pace. She had grown to revel in her new size, running her hands down the many bumps and folds of her break-neck gain.

Cooing over how her substantially thunderous thighs poured over the edges of chairs, the bottom heavy beauty had so much jiggling poundage she was running out of places to put it.

Jenny was 5 months in when she was called to her supervisor’s office.

“Hello Jennifer, would you like to take a sea...” Karen, her supervisor studied the out of breath, larger than life employee up and down and clearly reconsidered that proposal.

There was no way she could squeeze more than half of her blubbery hind and lardy love handles without becoming eternally imprisoned!

(I’m not getting the drill out again) Karen fretted. Recalling how vastly corpulent Jennifer looked, her huge body quivering helplessly, utterly entrapped as she struggled to dislodge herself from the confines of her own porcine obesity.

She had become so opulently overweight.  In a two pronged assault the surging enormous spare tires of her love handles gushed and drooped over the tops of her arm rest. Butter soft tree-trunk thighs and gelatinous butt cheeks flooded from below.....

 Colossal double chins and jowls quivered as she cried out for something to eat and settle her anxious tummy, blubber swamped little arms flapping about in terror like a doomed walrus.

“I hear you had some difficulty with your latest pair of trousers at lunch today...” glancing at the several paper clips that barely kept the butterball decent. Jennifer looked down at the floor in embarrassment, her face was remarkably fat now, and no neck was visible at all.

A vast thick curtain of fat curved from the pudgy layers of flab behind her ears, running down and outwards coating her round cheeks in inches of chub, which in turn swallowed her jaw in several wobbly drowning her throat like an upside down parachute of jelly.

She fidgeted with her fingers, porky digits that were a pain when she typed on her phone. “Well, I’m afraid your current size? Are, they, a 36?”.

Jennifer rubbed the huge lower belly roll that swamped her navel, slapping her thighs when she waddled it emphasized the eye watering curve of her enormous backside which curved out widely from her colossal hips.

 “38..” she nervously mumbled, her fatty hands now flying to her enormous orbs of blubber that had  imprisoned  the senseless foodie into her own chair. Rather shy about just how impractically whale-like she had become.

“We simply don’t order such large sizes I’m afraid, and well have to take the cost of your new, stainless steel reinforced heavy upholstery recliner out of your pay, you’ll have to find your own, custom clothing...”.

Jennifer felt the size of a house, and weighing in at over 450 crushing pounds she wasn’t far off the mark.

‘Is she okay?’ the chubby supervisor wondered, she had been a very big woman once after her pregnancy but this overfed mammoth round young girl, had no excuse.

Jennifer was breathing very heavily, trying to reach over her gargantuan lower belly to massage her weak fatty knees from being stood up for so long.

Wanting to spare the girl from fainting and also glad to be rid of so much jiggling blubber from her sight, she quickly dismissed the poor hopelessly fat girl from her office.

Karen watched in disgust as one of the most overfed young women she had ever seen, recoiling as she saw Jennifer slowly turn her lumbering vampiric body around. Disturbingly thick thighs, layered with hefty rolls that merged almost with no definition.

Jenny’s calf’s were the width of Karen’s chubby thighs and rode up the hem of the employee’s pants, revealing several inches of pale flesh. The material was so tight that it pinched cruelly into wide red rings. ‘Even her ankles were bulging’ Karen shuddered.

She noticed the absence of her favorite watch and a painful looking circular dent on her arm. Assuming correctly that the total pig had to have been driven to a hardware store, to get it surgically removed.

She was in awe at just how round and packed with blubber the girl young enough to be her daughter was.

She really was a feeders dream...

Her elbows had deep dimples with their own hanging curtains of flab. Gigantic upper arms flopped absurdly, bunching up to a preposterous size when she crossed them. Small chunky rolls spanned their length and Karen guessed sleeves were out of the question for the girl’s next tent-like outfit.

A wide triple layered Stomach protruded from the girl’s bulbous unwieldy hips and shot out beyond her breasts by well over a foot, obscuring the sight of her pudgy feet.

It coagulated into vast squishy rolls of mountainous back fat, which threatened alarmingly to rip out the back of her supersized shirt.

She gasped to herself as she watched the pretty redhead clumsily struggle through the door, both blubbery beach balls smacking against the door frame, sending jolts of motion from her jiggly chins to her floppy calves.

‘I hope she doesn’t eat herself out of a job!

’Ah well, there’s always plus size modelling or a job in an office, or maybe she’s too fat for that!’.

Ten minutes later.


“Yes, Karen?”

“Do you think you could perhaps expand Jennifer’s checkout?, I don’t want her getting stuck in that as well”.

“What, you mean the massively round redhead, who just shattered one of the cafeteria chairs?” the handyman snapped, clearly sick to his stomach over her fat ass.

“SHE WHAT?!”, Two reinforced chairs it is then...” Christ well have to roll her out if she carries on like this’.

“You can come out Jennifer, its okay. Nobody’s watching” Karen spoke softly, trying to coerce the furniture-breaking morbidly obese eating machine from the ladies bathroom.

She could faintly hear the sound of her eating something crunchy. ,

Clad in nothing but the restrictive skin tight underwear she had done her best to outgrow over the past week. Jenny opened the cubicle door and Karen bit her lip so hard that it bled.

It was all that she could do to not shriek in disgust, among the sudden site of so much swaying cellulite and blubber.

If the abominably round girl was wearing knickers, it was impossible to tell, her low hanging gut smothered most of her upper thighs in a thick meaty curtain, that rose into three rolls that formed her stomach. each one of them surging wider and rounder, thicker and heftier than the last.

The hungry heifer’s breasts were dwarfed with so much fat that they flowed seamlessly with her squishy sides, drooping down the gelatinous upper shelf of milkshake thick belly fat.

Cream lathered her entire flabby body from the earthshaking fall on her monstrously padded rump, meaty hands still clinging onto her oozing jumbo Viennese whirl.

Her paperclips, all at various angles of her pants had given up the ghost at the force of impact, sending her blubbery backside into a whirlwind of jiggling.

From her nonexistent ankles to her unholy over sized muffin top, her pants ripped to shreds beneath her and the poor bloated belle was still visibly shaken. Taking melodramatic bites at her remaining treat.

Mrs. Humphreys had taken the liberty of calling Jennifer’s daughter, hoping that they could both provide some sort of inspiration to halt the girl’s descent into immobility, having no idea just how much of a pushover her doting mother really was.

“My little Baby! What happened?!” She cried tittering over.

“Your daughter had a little clothing mishap, Mrs. Humphreys..”

“Oooohhh, it’s that silly dryer, sweetie, no need to worry!” she cooed, hugging the daughter that weighed around three times that her mother did.

She struggled to compose herself as she felt her hands sink into the soft chasm of quivering back fat that pooled around her daughters round fleshy shoulders, “How about a treat? Ill pick you up some new nice clothes and then we’ll get something nice to eat hey?! Fill up Mummy’s growing little girl?!”

Karen’s eyes were wider than Jennifer’s hips. “Okay... I’m pretty Hungry after all of this, maybe KFC and then some stuff from McDonald's, please mummy i'm, just so terribly upset!” Jenny sweetly suggested biting her lip, with the full intention of milking this for every last calorie..

Karen pinched herself, ‘was this girl for real?!’.  “Ohh...why, of course anything for my little angel!”.‘Lets see if she can leave the damn ground’ Karen joked to herself, “You go ahead sweetie, Ill catch up”.

The two ladies stood and watched as Jenny’s hips, arse and thighs clashed and rolled over each other like a steam engine. “What size is she?”.

“ Id save some money and get a 42..” “Tell her she doesn’t have to work, while you make the arrangements” the supervisor said warmly, wandering just how many groceries Jenny was going to devour between then.

“Right...Thank you!...” Mrs Humphreys groaned, knowing full well they would have to custom order for her daughter’s fat ass for the foreseeable future. ‘Ah well, there’s some maternity robes I could let out’ mother mused, trying to find a silver lining.

Her optimism died as she witnessed her daughter clamber into the car, stuffing her bottom past the front seat in order to squeeze tightly through. There was no way she was fitting in the front and the suspension sank terribly as she flopped her half ton of blubber on the leather, taking deep breaths.

Wal-Mart’s fattest employee’s body roiled like a stormy sea, rippling hips thighs and ass spread across half the backseat and continued to wobble from her exhausted red-faced panting.

Mrs Humphreys was thankfully distracted by her husband’s phone call.

“Oh hi Jeff! Were just on our way to get Jennifer some dinner, we should be half an hou.. ermm I mean a while” she reconfirmed, gazing back at the swollen porcine girl that rubbed at the vast swell of her underbelly, licking her lips and fluttering through the fast food menu’s she kept in her handbag.

She was mere calories away from bursting out the last and largest pair of small clothes she owned, her thong like underwear and barely bra straps hung by a thread, amidst a sea of dangerously advancing blubber.  Mrs Humphreys turned the ignition but the tiny car refused to start, sputtering under the titanic weight of her daughter’s ass.

Not wanting to hurt her daughter’s feelings by admitting that she was so enormous she had stopped a vehicle in its tracks, she Lied about engine failure and placed her faith in very large taxi.

“Extra wide” she insisted.

An air splitting rumble pierced the air, Mrs Humphrey dreaded the petrol charge...

The throes of indulgence, amidst a retail environment.
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